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The best Origin games


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Sep 14, 2012
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Hi lads, I'm looking the best Origin games. Can you recommend me?
I think he meant the State of Origin Rugby League tournament. Not sure if he means video games or actual matches between teams.
ooh burn!

At least we've hosted a rugby and soccer world cup!

Yeah, and you couldn't get out of their pool at their own World Cup like England last year hahaha


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We need someone who knows about this sport. Someone like @RoosTah; so mate, the call is for you. Just make your move ;)
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Hi lads, I'm looking the best Origin games. Can you recommend me?

As a New South Welshman, I would recommend 2005 game 3 - Joey Johns returns with the series on a knife edge after 18 months out of the game and puts on a masterclass in a style that we'd come to associate with Dan Carter in Union later in the year with the Lions series (Carter said Johns informed his playing style growing up).

That or game 1 in 2014 - insane defence
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Watched a few origin series, and frankly, it can put Union to shame. Some great players. John's (is it Andrew I am thinking of?), Billy slater, fella with the scrum cap for Queensland. Think he's 7. Can't believe I forgot his name. Thurston.... That's it. Great players.....

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