The BestTennis Game?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by yeyearaya, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. yeyearaya

    yeyearaya Guest

    i have a playstion 2, and i think the best tennis game around it is Smash courrt tenns 2....
    what good game has now arrived it to the playstation 2?
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  3. andy82

    andy82 Guest

    Top Spin is your best bet.
  4. Zonerunner

    Zonerunner Guest

    The best tennis game on the PS2 ive played is Virtua Tennis 2.

    Which is an inferior port of the Dreamcast version.

    Make of that what you will.
  5. alexviv

    alexviv Guest

    the best tennis game is virtua tennis 3
  6. sEnzje

    sEnzje Guest

    indeed, virtua tennis are great games, I also played Topspin and i like that aswell, but virtua tennis is best imo :)
  7. Hieu

    Hieu Guest

    Virtua Tennis 3 is the newest I think, and it looks amazing, I haven't got it yet but I hope I will do soon.
  8. davo

    davo Guest

    Virtua Tennis 3.
    I haven't played Top Spin, though I'd like to.
  9. mofo

    mofo Guest

    Although its perhaps not the most realistic of Tennis games, Virtua tennis has to be the best out there, just in terms of pure gaming enjoyment. Gimme that over a game that is realistic but crap to play!
  10. TheDell

    TheDell Guest

    played every tennis game to date. virtua tennis 3 can be a bit ridiculous with two players that know what they're doing. Lots of diving shots and endless rallies. Depends what you're after in a game.
  11. Justin P

    Justin P Guest

    virtua tennis 3 is the best on market today
  12. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    Top Spin2 > Virtua Tennis

    The DELL knows

    Virtua is Tennis on roids with endless rallies - u cannot even hit it out...i bought this and after 20 matches i managed to hit it out 3 times - bullshit

    Top Spin has everything........its sensitive with the direction you pick so u can hit it out if you go to far right or left or long, or in net if short

    u cannot do that in virtua, its just hit, hit hit, until u wrong foot someone

    Top Spin3 will **** all over the latest virtua, as top spin2 already does.
  13. melon

    melon Guest

    Mario Tennis for N64!!!!!!!!!
  14. TheDell

    TheDell Guest

    Hopefully the next top spin will incorporate edge vibration like in Rockstar's Table Tennis!
  15. elcaras

    elcaras Guest

    top spin 1 for the XBOX, best online community.
    I just don't like Virtua tennis it's fun at first but in the long run you see the limitations of the gameplay, to much diving and not enough depth.
  16. lyon

    lyon Guest

    easy - virtua tennis 3
  17. Kage

    Kage Guest

    To me the lobs seemed totally useless in VT3. The power moves in TS ruined that for me. I havent played the best tennis game I have played is probably VT2 on the Dreamcast.

    Or maybe a game called tennis elbow for the PC......i downloaded the demo bloody years ago, and all's I remember is having a net rally against my mate where we were both face to face at the net hitting the ball at each other at about 1000 times per minute. We laughed our arses of for ages.
  18. asado

    asado Guest

    For me there's not even a contest, even Top Spin 1 is better than Virtua Tennis 3. VT is way too arcade ...
  19. Zonerunner

    Zonerunner Guest

    I can now confirm you're all wrong. Even me. Why so? Because the best tennis game is quite obviously SEGA Superstars Tennis!

    Alright, technically it's still in development, but it's being developed by Sumo Digital. Considering they handled OutRun 2 (plus it's 2006 counterpart) and Virtua Tennis 3, I believe we are onto a winner.

    That, plus playing tennis in a 3D rendered version of Green Hill Zone is quite clearly the way the game of tennis was always meant to be played.

    <div align="center">[​IMG]</div>
    Well, am I wrong?

    PS2/PS3/360/Wii/DS in early 2008. Can. Not. Wait.
  20. esoj

    esoj Guest

    oh hell yes. it will be awesome fun. some bits of info I found

    Sega Superstars Tennis has over 15 playable Sega characters including Sonic the Hedgehog, AiAi from Super Monkeyball, Ulala of Space Channel 5 and Amigo from Samba De Amigo. In addition to their own unique attributes, each character will also come equipped with its own superstar tennis skills.

    Exhibition mode offers the chance to challenge Sonic, or the character or your choice, to a match on one of many courts, including Sonic's home court of Green Hill Zone, or Amigo's Carnival Park court. Wherever you play there will be a host of Sega celebrities cheering you on from courtside and by partaking in crazy doubles matches with your choice of partner, you could end up playing against some pretty unusual couples. Prove your Sega hero is the shining star of Superstars Tennis by collecting silverware in the Tournament Mode. There will also be the opportunity to unlock a host of extras which will be announced in the near future.
  21. Gone

    Gone Guest

    Virtua tennis 3 is the best!
    And better on next gen! =)
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