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The big EA failure



Hi guys

Been on the board for ages at least 3 years but never posted anything. Thought its time to say my bit. I live in SA and am a staunch Springbok supporter. But have a gripe. The EA marketing sux. The biggest game in SA by far is Football (soccer). But it is supported by the masses...who has no money and no PC's. The second biggest is rugby and cricket. Supported by middle and upper class with money. Yet, when it comes to the release of these games, there are no advertising, no big bang. Who recruits there marketing team. I've been roaming the shops in 2 of the major sities in SA for the past week, and no one knows of anything relating to the release dates etc. This is just plain stupid....Do they not want to make money in selling these games, or have they no interest in gaming. For ... sakes, this is the major sport in this country. All my friends have playstations or PC's. They are all over 30 years of age. All of them love rugby and cricket, and all of them would buy it immediately. But they will again release the ***le without any who ha...and again it will be a failure. I see our shops are now flooded with Rugby 2004 which we all know was a miserable failure. Dammit guys, wake up. We are all working folk who can afford games, unlike games like Halo or unreal which where created for teenagers without money. We will pay for these games....just market them. This will create an industry in South Africa.

Unfortunately EA in all our countires is driven by EA US. It'll be 5ish years before rugby become most "mainstream" according to the US market... they really could give a rats about us small time markets regardless of if the sport is these "small" markets or not. You think since they spent to develop the game they'd spend to promote it?

It's getting fairly good promo over here in NZ anyway...
The game won't get much bigger in the US until their team makes the finals at the world cup. I'm predicting this to be 2011 or even 2015. Let's hope I'm not right because I want better marketing here in Oz as well.

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