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The Changes For Italy RWC 2007...



Do you thing Italy would reach the quarter finals..? Like they played over the past RWC matches that would be a miracle? Do you think whe would see a Six Nations play?
Well an Italian poster on here said that before their RWC opener against NZ, rugby actually made the sports section of the local papers ahead of football. So I`ll be rooting for them in their matchup against Scotland, seeing as the winner of that match will make the QF`s.

Imagine if rugby gets a bigger foothold in a football-mad country like Italy, it would really advance the game of rugby greatly.
I think Italy has improved by leaps and bounds, but I think it might still be too early for them in terms of being tagged in the same category as Argentina

I think the problem is that they will struggle to cope with the popularity of soccer which has cult status over there.
Yes i hope they can put up the display they did few weeks ago in six nations...
The problem is that rugby culture is rooted only in some specifici part of the country, i.e. the north east (benetton, petrarca padova) and in some part of the south.

Having said that I think they played very poorly so far. Weak mental display against mighty Abs, weak physical condition against a solid romanian side.

I think technically the problems lies with the fly half and full back, both positions don't have enough quality for them. But the scotalnd game is a 50-50 i believe. Both teams have their own weapons and weakness.
back during the six nations i was very worried about exiting at the ands of italy - but im now much more confident! scotland will not make the same mistakes they made at murrayfield, and the players will be determined to put it right.

only problem for us is the AB's game just six days before - if we go for it in that we could have a few injuries and no time to recover!

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