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The Chat Room



i was unaware that we had one until i found the old thread about it...i think it'd be really cool if we had our members log on after a game or something, everytime i've looked recently there hasn't been anyone on :)

some live discussion would be cool...
if we can get 2 people in it at the same time - i certainly wouldn't mind having a virtual post-game pint
I just went on.
No one was there.
I talked to myself for a while.
I thought that was cool.
Prestwick agreed.

Ok, but i'll have you know i'm a virtual lightweight. And when i get virtually drunk, i become a mean virtual drunk. I swing virtual fists, and god forbid, I yell virtual abuse at fellow virtual drinkers.
wow - in that case you must be super-lightweight when it comes to real drinking :bravo:

in view of your weak constitution maybe it's a better idea to serve you a virtual glass of orange juice in the chat room :)
perhaps we could have 2 times a week dedicated to the chat room. one when the teams are annoucned and the 2nd time after some of the bigger nations play to discuss what happened etc.
The time difference will be too hard to account for. I suppose each country or people who are in the same time zones can set a time.
well timezones permitting for sure. I am sure thought that there would be crossovers though especially on the weekend. so long as there are people there I guess it doesn't matter and with the world cup on seems like a good time to get the chat room buzzing
why don't we try tomorrow after the opening WC game - i'll stay signed in with another window if anyone's interested in a chat
It´s hard to organise something for everyone due to mentioned timezones. Goranski has a more than valid point though - the chatroom is deserted these days. Maybe a mass PM is worth considering.
Well, thanks to the world cup a bunch of folk have all appeared online at the same time (end of certain games) and many people have showed up in the chat room.
So many people infact that it became quite hectic.

So come on boys, once a big game is up you know where to find us!

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