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The dark art of dummy passing



I don't use dummy passing against the AI because not once has it actually achieved anything for me. I'm beginning to think maybe I am doing something wrong, or using it at the wrong time. Do any of you rugby 08 pro's have any hints or tips on how to best use a dummy pass to beat the AI, and when to use this special move?

You have to do it when there is a fair gap between the 2 defenders and a man inside and outside of you.. often i find there is no support immediately after a breakaway, and so making a dummy pass won't really work because there is no support.. AI does realise this.. or perhaps the dummy doesn't really have an effect.. i have used it once or twice to score a try from about 10m out.

There is a trick where you can get a faster standing start if you press to the dummy pass action. Not really a trick in real life, but it cancels out the 'walking' animation which can slow you down with slow players.

There is a 'top tips' guide by a poster called gayguy, you might get tips from that.
ive done it a couple of times accidentally and it looks good, when ive tried to rpelicate it looke dnuffin like it lol
it works best with the fly half from a lineout from the the middle jumper so it is thrown straight to the backs. if you run a slightly diagonal line and the defenders drift. if there is a gap you can throw the dummy and slip through.
works when you're the winger and you're trying to gassed the defender on around the outside and you perform the dummy inside passed, the defender usually falls for it leaving your winger with more freedom to do whatever lol, i think in 06 and 05 if i remember correctly, players with the playmaker tick usually do this better
Possibly the same idea as stated in the last post, but: If you are approaching a 2-on-1, say-where you have to pass left- and there is another defender coming up on your right that you are trying to avoid, this is the time to use it. First you look to butcher the overlap by running towards your supporting player and passing, before it leaves your hands you change direction (hopefully cutting between the defender and cover on the right) at the same time you cancel out the pass. So 45' run and pass, then 45' the other direction as you pass that direction.
found a good way to perform them. just press left pass and quickly after press right pass. i don't know why but it doesn't work when you do the contrary ... btw i think you don't need to have players in front to do it ...
i only found that the dummy pass doesnt work when youre runing backwards (to your own goalline)
Wow brilliant video! whenever I try a dummy pass it never seems to fool the AI, but I guess I am doing it in the wrong situations. I'll follow ur advice and see what happens.


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