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The Drop Kick



I have a bet on with my younger son. I believe that in the 1930's and into the 1940's a drop kick was awarded 4 points. Oddly at the same time a try would only be worth 3 points.

Can anybody confirm my belief
As far as I know, a try used to be 3 points. I looked into it though, can't find any definite confirmation. Let us know what you find out though, it'd be quite interesting.
A try most certainly was worth 3 points when I started playing in the mid/late 60's. The scoring was often confusing as a try and a conversion was referred to as a 'goal' and was worth 5 points (i.e. a try could be 'converted' into a 'goal' if the kick was successful).

The scores were usually given in detail rather than in points. Here's an example.

I have in front of me a programme of the Scotland v New Zealand game of November 1979 which I attended. The programme gives the 'score' for the 1978 game thus: 2G 2PG to 1G 1DG.

In 1978 a try was worth 4 points so New Zealand must have scored 18 and Scotland 9. You didn't just have to be a good player, you had to be good at maths as well.

I can't remember exactly which year it changed from 3 to 4 points for a try- 1970 or 1971 sounds about right.
Mmm ... the original post has inspired me to do some digging and I believe here is an answer to part of the original poster's question.

The website of the Peterborough Rugby Club here in England tells us this ...

At that time [1874] a touchdown (or try in modern parlance) scored no points at all. It simply conveyed the right to take a kick at goal.

It was not until 1886 that England attempted to introduce a points system to determine the outcome of games when they designated a try worth 1 point and a goal (conversion) 3 points. The value of a try was increased to 2 points in 1892, 3 points in 1905, 4 in 1973 and 5 in 1992.

Other significant changes included the number of players in a team which was reduced from 20 in 1863 to 15 in 1876.

Source: http://www.prufc.com/history.asp
Hense why it's called a 'Try'; It originally allowed you to TRY a kick at goal.
I think it was around 1972 when the try became 4 points instead of 3. But yes, not sure when it was, but I am absolutely positive that the drop goal used to be 4 points. Also there used to be a 5th way to score unil around the 40s I think, it was something along the lines of you could catch a ball anywhere on the field from a kick, and a bit like calling the mark in your own 20, you would call for a dropped goal, after you had called you had the chance to kick a drop goal from where you stood, 1 or 2 steps run up/walk was allowed.

If you want specific dates or details on anything above I will have to get one of the rugby books I have out, will take me a while to find them though!