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The final conundrum


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It has to happen. 2 will start, but only one will finish.

By the time we finish, one will die.

Will Hammond and his whitened teeth or Vicki Butler-Henderson and the way she seperates her ***s with the seatbelt get your vote?

Would Jason Plato win a scrap with The Stig?

Will that fat northern tosser who doesn't know the difference between a Brake and Horse Power ever outwit Top Gear Dog?

Will Tiff Needell ever say a funny joke?

Will Clarkson ever say somthing I don't agree with?

Gentlemen, cast your votes now.
It has to be Top Gear!!! the stig kicks ass.....

Clarkson for PM!!!

You did forget to mention Vroom Vroom on Sky One, which is pants....
Originally posted by getofmeland@May 15 2006, 08:04 PM
You did forget to mention Vroom Vroom on Sky One, which is pants....
I didn't forget to mention it...
Nothing can touch Top Gear, where else would you get such legend tips like putting your keys to your head in order to get a few extra yards out of your central locking, class stuff.
I used to watch Fifth gear religiously, then that baldy guy left and it was never the same. Also fifth gear is just TOO boring. It just has reviews of ford's and nissan's. Who wants that when you can have Jeremy Clarkson wimpering like a child in a Sportscar or his mother testing a small car!


top gear. the humor mixed into it is legendary. you dont have to be a car freak to watch it.

the only tripe i have with it is there obsession with the zonda. its so f***ing ugly.
They race people carriers, and make convertables out of them.

And then test drive ridiculously fast sports cars that most people could never even dream of buying.

Top Gear wins every single time.
Yeah it's been a while since they destroyed a caravan, better find some new novel way to do that again.

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