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The Greatest Game Ever!

New Zealand vs Australia, Saturday, 26 July 2003
Telstra Stadium, Sydney, Australia.

Fulltime - New Zealand 50, Australia 21

Why? NZ put 50 points on the board agaisnt Australia.
Need i remind you what happened later that year?

Hows your lip reading skills?

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50 points is still 50 points.
4 more years... well yup it is four more years later and I think this year there might be someone looking down on little George and telling him that there's no more years.
Lol, but you gotta love little George.

But seriously.... do you honestly rate that game(2003) as the best ever?

Hell, even though we lost, i still rate this game(2000) over any of our record wins...... it had it all!
george in his typical aussie accent said "three moh yeees goys, three moh yeeahs" (three more years guys/boys, three more years.) i think i saw that in the news. cocky *******. aye im with u on someone telling him "no moh yeeahs george, no moh yeeahs"
indeed..this game had evrything...the backline moves were superb from the all blacks and thats why wayne smith is in charge of our attack for the ab's 07...this was a phenomenal game...the crowd were wicked to the core!!!...it was the perfect blance of everything and it all came down to who threw the last punch...the allblacks narrowly did that..but it could of went any way

i diffinitely agree...the greatest game to date...hopefully at this years world cup we see a lot more of those...


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