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  1. john hopoate will be competing in nz's annual fundraising event...the "fight for life"

    im not sure in what they are fundraising for this year but in previous years it was meningitis,suicide prevention and cancer

    this event has celebrities from both australia and nz boxing each others boxes out

    previous years have had the following makeshift fighters:
    mal meninga,buck shelford,peter 'fats' fatialofa,tawera nikau,frank bunce,tea ropati,junior tonuu and many much more

    it has a gud history with nrl and league players and this year will add another bout to the league ranks

    john hopoate(manly/west tigers/nsw/australia) vs tea ropati(warriors/some bum bartercard team).....this will be one to watch..john hopoate is one of the toughest league players to grace the game..there was the state of origin he played where he beat up 3 opposing queensland players..hes a ruff ******* and this fights gonnabe a cracker(not the poor white guy in america)

    also kevin campion from the warriors/cowboys/broncos/queensland teams will be competing
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  3. awesome find chiro. any news on the other fights?

    on semi related news, when nick trott (the rock fm former morning host) faught, and inilated the zm guy who gave lomu his kidney, i went to the rock for work experiance day, and i was like, nick, nice work the other night, and he was like "cheers" and gave the :cheers: !!!

    also, at the after party, this other guy who works there, he went home drunk as hell, got the keys out, and while trying to open his frount door, leaned on it (forgetting it was glass) and fell right through it! so he got up. and slept in his car :lol:
  4. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    So putting your hand up to be Hopoate's opponent?

    So which game was it where he was beating on those Queensland players....wouldn't mind watching that......

    ....for research reasons of course :)
  5. He'll most likely put his finger up someones bum!!
  6. :lol: :lol:
  7. wigan_rlfc

    wigan_rlfc Guest

    This Fella?
  8. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    yep the guy on the top, normally he likes to be behind
  9. morelike, this guy:

  10. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    yeah i couldnt be bothered looking for that kind of pic :)
  11. hahaha sambad has an album of those pics

    yo gay guy,ask sanzar or search around for that SOO game,mid 90s one too,i think it was 96 or 97..before the super league/nrl joined

    either that or a club pretty sure it was SOO though,there was a scrap from a scrum and everyone(as you do in a state of origin game) ran up and had a bop at someones face..hopate broke away collaring one guy..he then beat the poor sod and 2 others came up..

    and lets just say....hopoate is good with his hands

    The card for this year's Fight for Life has been unveiled - with infamous league hot head John Hopoate taking on Tea Ropati in the main event.

    The other feature fight sees two former Warriors hard-men go head to head, Kevin Campion taking on Tony Tuimuvave.

    Offisah Tonu'u, Tony Tatupu and Inga Tuigamala will square off with South African opponents on May 4th, the Child Cancer Foundation is the new charity for the event.

    ohh campion vs the chief..shud b gud,i remember when shane webcke got his nose handed back to him all bloody...

    some saffers comin too...os du randt wud make a nice punching bag..tie em upside down and hit his gut
  13. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    it was Hoppa v Danny Moore - his manly team mate

    great biff

    what made it special is that these 2 dudes play week in week out for manly

    but when it comes to state - mateship is put aside, and its on.....oh yeah its on........fistycuffs the lot

    I think in the same biff, Cheif Harrigon was exhanging haymakers with Marty Bella

    one of the special biffs in rugby league - even the great reg regan will back that up
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