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The Inquisition Strikes Back - Against esoj!

TRF C A Iversen

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Jan 31, 2005
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Good day to you Mr esoj, we are here to get to your bottom on the matter!

We of the Spanish Inquisition have been asked to perform special interrogations on behalf of the TRF, to find the vermin lurking in their midst!

So, lets get down to your business.

Firstly, this name, the esoj, what is it meaning and where have you come upon it?

This is simply my real name backwards, Jose. My other screen name Fox was just far too common on the internet and online gaming so I decided to try esoj, and back in school, it kinda became a nickname and I've stuck with it ever since. By the way, to the b*stard that stole esoj on xfire, I hate you!

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