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The Lions Squad



Anyone know how to get the lions squad to play as in a game, but not in the lions tour. Just in a normal match.
You actually can play with the Lion's squad - it just takes a bit of lateral thinking.
Chuck all the Lions players in a random club team (one who play in Red like Munster)?
Nice one harrison2468. Good to see that you can think outside of the box.

Although I have to say that not being able to choose the Lions normally as a side to play is pretty poor stuff from EA.

It is a shame that when they are going through the planning stages of developing the game someone didn't pipe up and say:

"Hey how can we add the maximum amount of teams in this game to ensure that people are still playing this game when the next one comes out?"

It is almost like EA just don't care.
they probably did say that only to be silenced by a big fat guy with a cigar saying:

"what dya talkin about, we added russia and spain didnt we?!"

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