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The longest goal kick in Rugby.


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Jul 26, 2015
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I have just been reading on an other website that a certain RU player once kicked a goal from 64 yards well I saw a match at Headingly between the New Zealand all blacks and the English northern Command which comprised both RL & RU players,(this game was just after WW2 had finished ). NZ had the famous Bert Cook at full back ,if my memory serves me correctly NZ were a point down and only a few minutes left to play,NZ were given a free kick just a couple of yards INSIDE THEIR OWN 25 YARD LINE, and near the touch line, and Bert started to dig his hole for an attempt at goal,the Yorkshire crowd went hysterical with laughter,(including myself) HOWEVER it went sailing through and I swear it was at least 3 yards above the crossbar, now Headingly is a large pitch and I would bet the kick was over 80 yards,In all my 91 years I have never seen a kick anywhere near as long as that one. Incidentally Bert signed to play for Leeds RL and this ground saw 100s of his goals over the next several seasons.
Don clarke Is often talked about as the best long range kicker because Although he doesn’t have the record he would regularly kick almost 60m And he had soggy leather balls heheh
Doesn’t mean he kicked the most impressive kick, just that he is a legend.
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