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The Mighty Tim



Making a lot of these at the moment



The border is a bit too orange instead of gold, but otherwise I love it as much as I love our Tim.
9/10. Nice to see a more basic signature. Sometime is nice without alll those effects that can be done. BTW, who is Tim?
Tim "the best open side flanker in the world, ever" Rodber [/b]

What an unusual middle name to have. His parents must of thought of him highly when they give birth to him.

Still unsure of him, Rodber rings a bell. Dunno how many Rodber's have played rugby though.
Northampton and England Flanker during the late 80's and 90's. He was Buck Shelfords Protégé.
7/10 Looks pretty good but shows Northampton actually winning something other than a match against Otley. :D
Look... I'm Northampton fan... I need to cling to every bit of glory I can!!!! :p
10/10 because I'm still not that skilled in photoshop and it's brilliantly done, although I don't know Tim. I like how the signature was placed in there. It makes it look like an official commemoritve plate or something.
He went to my school... did a coaching session before we toured to South Africa... he was, and still no doubt is, a very demanding man...