Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Cheeky_Darkie, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. This pile of **** excuse of a rugby player is demolishing the Blues. Someone please take him out.

    If he continues to play in the Blues, i'm going to convert to the Crusaders.
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  3. sanzar

    sanzar Guest


    yeah, I'd be ****** too if I were a blues fan after he helped the waratah's to tonights utter humiliation of Auckland... but luckily I'm not a blues fan.
  4. The TRUTH

    The TRUTH Guest

    No doubt Lavea is the worst player in world rugby but not much changed when he left the field............ Nacewa lol Blues lol
  5. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Force lol.

    I can't wait till Lavea carves you up, I'm going to put off killing him till then.

    And just a question, did you just start watching Rugby this year or something? or haven't you ever watched a game of NPC in your life?
  6. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    The worse thing about Lavea is his gay got to be good at rugby first before you start making fashion statements.

    Luckily I already converted to the Crusaders 6 years ago......
  7. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    His hair is worse than his rugby skills? wooooooow.
    Think he needs to sit the rest of the season out ot play him at 2nd5 and let him try and break the line (at the moment he's a second half back with a **** boot)
  8. yes what a genius thread!!!!!!

    wait currently writing a 1000 word plus essay on how to kill him..

    coming soon....! watch the space below
  9. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    australia sucks...and new zealand have better talent then us..

    i touch myself....and little girls too
  10. He is always adjusting his hand band during games. Everytime i see him doing that i feel like strangling him with it.
  11. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Man Aussie talent is amazing.........luckily it is spread out all over the place and that your most talented rugby players are stuck in the ARL lol!!!!

    Some of Aussies best superstar rugby backs are playing in their soccer league hahahaha!

    And Aussies world class locks of all time are in their basketball league!

    And the best rugby inside backs of all time this world has ever seen....are in the NRL lol!

    Aussie rugby...a victim of Aussies thinking outside the box hehehehe!

    And their little girls are untouchable on the touch feild too!
  12. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    So if Lavea starts again this Saturday does this mean you will be off to Rebel sport to buy a Crusaders jersey?
  13. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Chiro edited Jackos post...

    ...And Tasesa, or Taz as his close cirlce of friends like to call him.... Umm... Anyway, Spaz Lavea is a funny little guy. He is shithouse, shithouse, shithouse shithouse, then all of a sudden he does something right!!....Then god realises he f***ed up and makes him do something doubly bad....

    ....Oh, and Nucifora, or Noosy as his close circle of enemies threateningly like to call him, is just as bad.

    Oh what times to be a yellow-belly supporter....
  14. dare i say it. but thats not a half bad idea. but with a centres combo of tupoki and tuituvaki....
  15. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Don't get me wrong, would not start him (not at all). Tupoki and Tuituvaki are doing fine. More meant the last 15 to 20 mins only - and then only to try and get him to look for the breaks or getting his passing game closer to the wings. Think he needs a lot of pressure off his shoulders and the change in position could do his confidence a world of good. If he tried to play a kicking game from 2nd5 though I’d hand him over to chiro and ripper for some subtle re-training.
  16. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    And another thing - since this is a hate a kiwi sort of post can I add Bryon I HOPE YOU GETS AIDS Kellawanker?

    Oh and Mark SHITHOUSE Randby?

    Infact how abouts we put together the most shithouse kiwi team that's playing in the ranks of the Super 14 (have to be a kiwi to submit nominations) and allow the Aussies and Saffa's to do the same. When the teams are agreed upon we'll make a bullshit competition and vote on who we think would be the biggest loser.

    1. Only allowed to submit players from your own country
    2. Kiwi's are not allowed to submit the whole Blues team
    3. Aussies are not allowed to submit the whole Force team
    4. Saffa's cannot submit the Cats starting 15
    5. Ripper cannot submit Leon McDonald

    Perhaps all nominations can be put to the vote if there is any disagreement on positions.

    I'll start with NZ....
    2. Corey Flynn (Crusaders), Keven Mealamu (Blues)
    6. Reuben Thorne (Crusaders)
    8. Steven Bates (Chiefs)
    9. Kellawanker (Chiefs), Cowan (Highlanders)
    10. Lavea (Blues)
    11. Scott Hamilton (Crusaders)
    13. Mark Ranby (Chiefs), Casey Laulala (Crusaders)
    14. Caleb Ralph (Crusaders)
    15. Isa Nacewa (Blues), Leon MacDonald (Crusaders)

    Update: All entries are to be submitted, nominations end this friday, voting starts from then.
  17. 2) flynn
    6) thorne
    8) bates
    11) hamilton
    14) ralph
  18. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    15. Leon MacDonald
  19. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    maybe the blues were too quick on getting rid of king carlos
  20. He's doing just fine where he is. :cheers:
  21. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    macdonald is still the form 15 of the comp just cause you dont like him rip :p

    normally i would put in hamilton but he isnt doing to bad.. but def

    thats it for now :D sure i can think of others later
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