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The Official TRF Guide to Rugby Viewing in the United States of America

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Welcome to America! Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. You don't like tax on your tea? Start a war! You don't like singing "God Save the Queen"? Change it to "My Country 'Tis of Thee".
But how, exactly, does one watch Rugby in America? It's a question that perplexes us all. So, for once and for all TRF would like to solve the mystery for you and proudly presents:

The Official TRF Guide to Rugby Viewing in the United States of America

Unfortunately at the moment the options aren't bountiful, but they are rich. It's not something you can see for free, but if your willing to pay a small fee (this is beginning to rhyme like Dr. Suess) you will be rewarded.
Let's start off with my personal favorite:

Setanta Sports (http://na.setanta.tv/na_index.htm)

"How do I get Setanta Sports?" Right now you have a few options. Setanta Sports on DirecTV or Setanta Broadband are the two most common. I've done both (at the same time once). I think obviously the coverage you will get on DirecTV is much better than what Setanta offers on their Broadband Service.
This leads us to the other alternatives (which I've personally not tried out). You can get the channel on ITVN and Globecast World TV.

The coverage of Rugby on Setanta is awesome you'll get the following: Rugby World Cup, Lions Tours, Fall & Summer Internationals, Magners League, Guinness Premiership, Heineken Cup, EDF Anglo-Welsh Cup, 6 Nations, Tri Nations, Super 14, Currie Cup, Air New Zealand Cup, Super League Rugby, NRL, Tri-Nations (Rugby League), as well as Total Rugby (the IRB show), NRL highlight shows and Talking Boots. They also throw in Gaelic Football, Hurling, Aussie Rules, and Football (non-American).
Like I said, it's great coverage.

Mediazone's Rugby Channel WATCH HERE.

This is an internet based way to see some rugby. Please note I say some, because their selection isn't as great as Setanta's, but if you can't get Setanta, get The Rugby Channel.

Here is their current line up: Currie Cup, Air New zealand Cup, Super 14, Fall & Summer Internationals, Tri Nations, Heineken Cup, and the NA4.

Rugby Pubs

A lot of Irish Pubs and Expatriate Pubs in the US will show some Rugby. These matches are going to be shown via Setanta Premium (which is a fancy way of saying PPV). So, there is a possibility of a covercharge at the door. On matches like the 6 Nations and I believe some of the RWC, Setanta offers coverage live at their Premium venues then delayed to subscribers.
"How do I find a pub that shows Rugby?" You sure ask a lot of questions! If you need to find a venue I recomend checking out this page: http://na.setanta.tv/navenuefinder.htm
That's Setanta's Venue Finder. If you frequent a pub or bar that doesn't show Rugby, get your mates together and hastle the ownership...do it.

I've obviously not included any prices, because as all Americans know "Prices are subject to change."
Get involved, watch some Rugby, host match-watching parties for your friends.

One last tip: Tivo (or any DVR) + Setanta = Awesome. A lot of matches are shown late at night because of time zone differences.

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