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The *Official* Wall of Shame

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Stuck to the Wall for failing to plan ahead of and during the 2003 Rugby World Cup

"all blacks coach which brought us to the shame which was the 2004 rugby world cup. although he did have a excellent lead up to the world cup, by winning the tri-nations by a million points, he peaked too early. during the world cup, he made several mistakes which cost us the world cup. he taught the team to use extreme attacking. good thing? yes. in a world cup? no. he did not teach the team to play safe rugby.

selections also let mitchell down. keeping players such as ruben thorn in the squad, (not to mention captianing the team) even after having a dip in form for about a year. not utalizing players such as ma'a nonu in the semi/quarter finals of the world cup cost us dearly, especially as leon macdonald was used to replace tana.

his relationship with the media, and new zealand public was woefull - and often the conection with his mind was also missing. picking a very young squad, where key players, such as daniel carter, joe rokococo, mills mulinia, in connection with a very risky carlos spencer (who played well, won games, played poorly and his style of play made it very difficult for the team to move momentum) then used excuses such as "the reason why we lost was because of immaturity" when a) it was his job to teach them to play safely and maturely. and B) when he had players such as andrew mertins and christian cullen at his disposal BUT WERNT EVEN TAKEN TO AUSTRALIA!

because of his poor coaching technique, of playing a very risky gameplan, when no backup plan was in place, poor selections, an inadequate squad come world cup, stobborness and poor relationship with the media - and intern the new zealand public, the nzru gave him the ass from the allblacks coaching job. he then moved to waikato, who had a poor season, and has now coach of the super 14 franchise western force. after 8 rounds, they are 0-8, with poor results score wise, and mitchell at the helm, they look to go the other 6 rounds without a win.

take what you will from mitchells pre-worldcup campaign. he was poor in the world cup, when it counts. we could have done better, if not won it, if simple errors on mitchells behalf were corrected." - sambãd5

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Stuck to the Wall for lack of manliness in a traditionally manly sport.... And the attitude of a spoilt school girl...

Self-explanatory really.

Living off one kick over a year ago, getting into the headlines of bored, lazy tabloids by the deplorable acts of describing himself as suicidal after playing like ****, and generally trying to be a footballer.

An abortion of a man.
- robbinho

Simply a terribly snotty, self-absorbed, overrated orange person... Skills? Yes. Superstar? No... Unless what the media says really matters. Which it doesn't.

And neither does his opinion of himself.

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