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The Official Xbox 360 Magazine Site..



Just like to point out that the Official Magazine Website has been launched.

Its jammed packed with news, videos & detailed info on the 360 console

go here to go to this site

Also the magazine is out on the 15 September!
Well thanks for all those replies guys!

I bet if I said there was a naked woman in the link, there would be hundreds of replies....MEN!!
Is it too late to say thanks or are we all having to sit in naughty corner already... It's a good site, cheers!
I bought the first Xbox 360 mag yesterday & all of the games look mind blowing!

Got a disc with the mag showing movies of the games but I haven't seen it yet.
I am going to buy it sometime monday, looks ace. I bought XBM last week and had a small kind of "brochure" style 360 mag in it.

But, thanks for that G.
Sweet. New Zealand may get this magazine in about a month or so.

That's what used to happen a few years ago the the UK Xbox magazine.
I have seen most of the movies on the disc & I got to say how bloody gorgoeus looking I am......................I mean the 360

The ghost recon 3 in game movie looks so awesome, i just can't wait until the 360 hits our shelves on 2nd December (UK)

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