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The Premiership



I put the Premiership on the wall 'cause of their attempts to abolish relegation and promotion. Incestuous en-franchisation isn't the way forward chaps...us little boys need something to aim at. Keeping it all to yourself will mean standards will drop.
Surely Rob Andrew should be the nomination here then a la the ringfencing.

Well, that is until Newcastle are looking at the drop. Again. Then he'll change his tune.
I can't stand the whole, "Oh lets drop the competition value" of the premiership.

What would be the point of competing, expecially if you are stuck at the bottom ,you wouldn't have anything to aim for, which would lead to less competition, excitement and most importantly..OUR MONEY!
If the Premiership (i.e. Premier Rugby Ltd.) wanted to abolish promotion and relegation, it would do. The fact that this is not the case shows that Premier Rugby is dedicated to the idea.

Your argument is with the Premiership clubs, and not the Premiership itself.

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