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The Rugby Forum is Closing (Now I have your attention, Why not Donate ;) )



Unless we get people signing upto donate or take part in the Bonus Ball System or buy through one of affiliate links.

I am not joking now, some people feel I don't need to donate as someone else will, well wrong if you can afford to donate please do as we are currently spending £10 a month on costs, thats £120 a year, but then on top of that there is domain name renewal charges, so dan and myself are looking at spending a possible £200+ per year.

Also we would like to start to promote the site, using banners at games, maybe magazine advertising, but of course the Rugby Forum is NON PROFIT which means it needs to come from somewhere, which out of Mine and Dan's Hard earned cash. Which we do to keep the place running but it has got to a point where we have been the owners now for nearly a year, that the forum should be able to help look after itself. A lot of people put a lot of time and effort into this board, but there are so many who take it for granted and don't realise the difficulty and the organisation things take.

Even if it just £1, it all helps however little you can help keep this forum alive, I am currently thinking of ways to make money for the board, but there are a lot of routes I don't want to go down, but will do if forced... so if you have ideas then please let me or dan know




I understand you're asking for donation in order to cober the hosting fees... No problem with that but I'd like to understand how much you receive for the commercials that appear on your site and how much is then the gap left.


The Adverts are purely Affiliates, so basically we recieve a percentage of sales if people buy through them, which some people have, but we have to wait til we recieve a certain amount before we get a cheque.

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