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The Rugby World Cup



Well I know we are a Year away from the World Cup, but we need to start planning for it and how we are going to tackle it as a forum...

So I want your ideas guys on how we best tackle the run up? What would you guys like to see on the forum?? As you have seen our member base is growing on a regular basis, so we need to encourage more of you to all post...

So come on lets hear your voices on this...
Become the official forum of the IRB Rugby World Cup??? Is that possible?

What about a random draw where each member is given a team competing (of course, more than one member per team would be needed)? Then we'd go through the process of the WC and the member/s with the winning team win something like a jersey or their choice? A Sweep?

Also, we'd need to have a prediction league.
A few possibilities off the top of my head:

- News links and a specific World Cup section would be an obvious starting point.

- Member articles about the prospects of their country. Considering growing number of members from smaller rugby nations this could prove interesting.

- I have no idea how to go about doing it, but getting in contact with some players actually going to the World Cup (especially those from smaller, less fancied nations) and perhaps setting up a blog/web diary for their experiences during the competition could be interesting. Again though I have no idea how viable this would be.
I think in addition to showing which club we support by our avatar, it should also show which national team. So there would be two icons.
This might sound minor, but come the world cup it will let everyone know where we all stand, club and country. It might help bolster rivalry and comment posting?
Is anyone going to the world cup? A blog from someone following their country round would be pretty cool.

PS I second Rothers idea about having country as well as club on the sidebar
I might be in France from next September but don't know if I'll be there for the whole world cup, will find out more tomorow.

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