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The Rumour Mill is Churning........



Wouldn't put a huge amount of faith in this but an interesting read!

Got forwarded this on from someone with a "Reliable source"

You have to love this stuff

Drico had a go at the munster forwards, Stringer and Hickie in the

dressing room after the match Saturday.

This was after he did his usual interviews and after Paulie had tried to

rally the troops and it didn't go down well, particularly his scathing

attack on Hickie.

Leinster Munster divide is evident

Drico insisted on redden being picked ahead of Eddies choice Boss - what

are they paying Eddie to do if BOD if picking the team?

Hickie and Quinlan not speaking - Quinlans fiancé is an ex of Hickies

Wallace is on painkillers to play but has told EOS he's not right and

can't sidestep - Eddie doesn't want to know

Leamy was diagnosed by Liam Hennessy as a borderline diabetic but Eddie

won't let him either take medicine as you have to declare before the

world cup or rest.

O Gara is in charge of the dress code when they're going out but lost

the plot on Sunday night when some players slagged him over the

Newbridge cufflinks he had given to the squad. (They all have to donate

a present to the squad). That ended up with O gara refusing to go out

and going back to the hotel.

Mal and Donnacha had a blazing row in training yesterday - not the usual

training dustup. Quinlan and Easterby also had a few pops at each other.

Before the Georgia game the 2nd 15 beat the starting 15, 32-20 in a 40

minute game

O Donovan not happy as EOS has got extra 4 years but he hasn't

I suspect whatever truth is there has been blown out of proportion. Given recent performances though i wouldn't rule out some division in the squad.
Wouldn't put a huge amount of faith in this but an interesting read![/b]
Whats interesting about it? Its just a load of speculative rubbish, effectively a work of fiction. This is the same shite the press are spouting day in day out to justify their expense bills. Yesterdays rumour was that Geordan Murphy has walked out of the squad................. until they filmed him out in training having a laugh with the lads.

Now though, it seems the news is being passed on by a friend of a friend who once new a girl that was married to the financial advisor of the firm that used to cater at functions arranged by an ex-girlfirend of an old retired international. Who could possible doubt that source eh.

So if we were to take this at face value, Wallace has a sore ankle and doesnt want to play, Leamy is not allowed take Insulin even though they are not sure if he needs it (what the f*** is a borderline diabetic?) so he wants to go home or he will probably die. Drico is angry at players that play shite and has a voice in selection discussions (captains always do). And some of the forwards have had a dustup in training.

What is the point of this thread?
If he's a borderline diabetic then not for insulin. More likely tell him to take more exercise, eat better and take a pill. And lose weight.
This is a load of shite.

I mean, look at this picture! This is the pure example of a team that's getting along with eachother well, and is striving to win the RWC.
AND...According to BOD's online Diary on IRFU.com:
<div align="center">"The speculation about disharmony within the Irish camp has reached the team and it's nonsense. Every player in this squad wants to play and if they didn't then they have no right to be here. I'll give you an example of the morale. Denis spoke at a team meeting about his thoughts on France and made some very pertinent points just hours after being informed that he had been left out of the team. We're all pulling together here despite what some sections of the media may suggest. We're not going to let the criticism affect us, the same way as we didn't get carried away when bouquets were being tossed around after good performances."
So, there, let's put an end to this rubbish, or as Brian calls it "nonsense."
what the f*** is a borderline diabetic?

I had borderline diabetes - it's when you exhibit the concentrations of sugar expected of a diabetic but too "weak" to be considered a diabetic. It's often a result of another condition, impaired glucose tolerance, insulin intolerence or, in my case, Diabetes Insipidus (which is when ADH production is ineffective meaning you lose more water than you should - nothing to do with Mellitus).

Being a borderline diabetic (although the term is dying out) just means you exhibit symptoms but not in quantity's to suggest diabetes mellitus.
While most if not all of that stuff is probably untrue you do have to wonder about Wallace. The guy is carrying a chronic ankle injury which gave him a lot of trouble in the summer. Given he's the only quasi-openside in the squad there could be a bit of pressure on his shoulders and he hasn't played at all well so far.
I think this is bullshit :)

I just hope that the French does not get too confident with all that rumours around the Irish Team, and their last poor performance... because I expect the Irish to be in their last 6 Nations form. It's gonna be a tough fight.
Of course it's bullshit - The real stuff is probably far far more interesting!

Over the course of the day, i've been mailed 7 different versions of it!!
Jaysus.....Cheer up. [/b]
Yeah your right. Just sick of hearing it on the radio, the TV, the newspapers etc. none of it substanciated yet they all line up the experts to get their professional opinion on a hypothetical situation that probably doesnt exist. Its like we all have George Hook - itus.

I wonder if they are doing another fly on the wall documentary. They have done for the past 3-4 years. Could be an interesting one this year.
I was just thinking that the other day......for the pool games it'll be like watching a slo-mo car crash!!