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The shocking French brawl that resulted in 7 red cards


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Oct 4, 2015
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A weekend derby encounter in Federale 1, the semi-professional level of France's league system beneath Top 14 and PRO D2, has been described as a boxing match interspersed with some rugby after seven red cards were shown.

Last Saturday's red-blooded collision between Tarbes and Lannemezan was won by the home side 36-3, but the rugby action wasn't what was remembered in the aftermath.

Instead, it was the rare level of violence that was on show which resulted in seven red cards being shown – five at the very start of a match that was reportedly more like a boxing gala.

Only three yellow cards were shown when the sides met earlier in the season in a feisty encounter won 28-16 by Lannemezan, but it apparently left Tarbes complaining about being on the receiving end of some cheap shots.


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