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The Splinter Cell Series Thread



Anyone here like Splinter Cell? I think it's awesome, and can't wait for Chaos Theory. Speculate and discuss!
Yes I loved the Splinter Cell series.

The only thing that annoyed the hell out of me was the one level in SC2 where u had to run around killing people, It just got on my nerves & I gave up on it!
They created the game on stealth, but on that level, u couldn't use stealth!

Hopefully all the levels on SC3 require stealth.
Still love the oil rig level in the first game.

Got a demo of the new game the other day (it's a lighthouse level). My word it's beautiful.
Splinter Cell is quality, I will certainly be investing in the new one when I have some spare cash.
Hmm....I can't remember that level, gjohn, do you know where it was? My guess was the Los Angeles mission, where you had to kill the vaccinated terrorists, but I could be wrong..
You start off the level, coming down a lift. When u reached the bottom there where two guards to kill.

I think that u where running across metal platforms killing loads of guards (with shallow water below the platforms). I was always getting killed at the start of the level, so I don't know much of the level to describe that well.
Oh, I think you mean the Jerusalem level just after you have the option to kill Dahlia Tal (your guide through the city). Was I right? If so, that was kinda hard for me too!
Yeah I think so (I haven't played it for ages)

Have u played splinter cell multiplayer? Its a good laugh!
I haven't played much, I don't have Xbox Live (YET!) but I will soon. I think it's cool, but Chaos Theory will build on it and make it a true multiplayer experience worthy of Halo 2 or PC games.

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