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The TRF Magners Meetup



When the Magner's League Starts, I am planning to make a trip to Cardiff to go and see matt and possibly go to see an osprey's game...
You guys and your "United" Kingdom...traveling so easily about on your Ryan Air, and your EasyJet, and your FlyBe. You guys are so smug, with your meetups and your camp photographs and your "proper" accents. Well, I'll have you know, I am hosting the American Meetup, however I doubt the other two Americans want to actually travel to Marvelous Oklahoma City, just to watch a match that has been recorded in my bedroom. So, enjoy your meetup and your almost NSF picture-taking and your laughing and your "Cheerio, Guvnah!"
When I do come to your side of the planet, you better host a freakin' meet up for me!
Now that it's off of my chest, enjoy the Magner's League. :bleh!:
Well, if any of the regulars want to make a weekend of it, please just let me know.
I'd be happy to host again, it was such a great laugh last time - and by god, you can come and experience our beloved and brand-spanking new LIberty Stadium (atmosphere not included unfortunately).

If only there was a Welsh Derby early on in the season...
when are the fixtures released? and i bet you get a better atmosphere at the liberty stadium than we will at firhill next season :(
For Welsh Derbies and against English teams the atmosphere is great.
Against the Irish and Scottish it is something to be ashamed about.

Erm...i'm not entirely sure when the fixtures are released.
I heard they had already been released.
But like hell can i find them online.
we just get no atmosphere atall (or so im told)

infact last time Ulster came to firhill there were significantly more irish accents in the stands!

but worst of all, its a dry stadium :(:(:(
Don;t worry Ecks, us Sarries fans will keep you company as Scotland's officlally designated Glasgow Warriors supporter.
Well, we'll be avoiding Cardiff Arms Park (otherwisee known as the "Wet Draft") with all our might.
Horrid little dump, home to the boring rugby of Wales.
I'd be tempted to come up for the Scarlets game, if other people were and it didn't clash with a Saints home match.
Yeah, i'd love for a bunch of you guys to come down and witness an Ospreys vs Scarlets game.
It'd be a good weekend. I'm just praying our home game is not on boxing day this year.