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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by RoyalBlueStuey, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Waterloo has a nice friendly bar with all the usual suspects plus a couple of real ales. Fair bit of space although you can be guaranteed a seat on busy days.

    Good craic all afternoon though.

    Anyone does it work up with the bigger prem outfits? Is it just concourses & pubs around the ground?
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  3. well, the Dubai Exiles' clubhouse... is well... not the best I've been in.. could do a lot more i reckon... but heck, it's really small and you can hardly fit 3 teams in there... so the ground is more like our "hangout" place... we get the beers and get of to the pitch...
  4. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Team I('m going to start) playing for: Only seen the bar so far, which is bloody expensive. (£3 for a bloody Magners?!?!?!)

    I'll find the rest out tonight.

    Jimmies: Franklins Gardens is known as the best in the country. Although it takes an age to get the beer.
  5. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    This is the club house of my nearest club The Ivel Barbarians
    Never played for them tho...

    Nice Club House tho, also helped with training touch rugby...
  6. nez

    nez Guest

    Our clubhouse at Royal Park (Launceston, Tasmania) isn't bad. Bar and Pay TV are the highlights (not to mention the 3 premierships cups this year in the trophy cabinet :p) It's big enough to cater for all 5 of our competing teams and there's usually plenty of room in the carpark (although the council screwed us over with making it pay & display :()
  7. Caveat : I don't actually play for ''s just that sort of place where as soon as you walk through the door you end up calling it "My clubhouse" and referring to the team as 'We'.

    Just being able to sit in a bar : players, officials, board-members, home & away fans is something pretty special.
  8. Malleny Park is the dog's ballocks. There are too large bars, plus a smaller one and a game room. There's a seperate building for the changing rooms aswell, there are 4 big changing rooms, plus a gym, ref's changing room and a physio room. It was only all built about 20 years ago so it's still really nice. The only downside is that the pitch is an absolute treck from the clubhouse.
  9. Ul Bohs clubhouse under the main stand at the home of Munster rugby; Thomond Park! Beat that!
  10. nez

    nez Guest

    under the main stand at Thomond Park....yeah i've got nothing :p
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