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The ultimate prize in rugby



I am off to Waterloo v Redruth tomorrow for a mid-table National Division Two clash. HOWEVER I might be priveliged enough to see one of rugby's most coveted, most exclusive prizes. I don't want ot build your hopes up 'cause I am only just an ordinary member so mightn't actually get a look at it but it's possible I'll be able to share with you all a glimpse of something that really does put johnny-come-lately trinkets like the RBS trophy or the Guinness Premiership Cup in their place.

More as I have it.
Gentlemen....behold Percy the Pike.

Since 1916 Waterloo and Dublin Wanderers haved played sporadically and whoever wins gets to hang this in the their clubhouse. It mightn't be shiny or made of pewter but he's sitting proudly above our bar

Wow I feel so honoured to see that... Bah forget the Webb Ellis Trophy that's the real deal bro...

Looks like Waterloo have dominated for several years now...
It is quite awe inspiring isn't it? I tell you what is even better : The proper pride you can see when you ask the club officials about it.

Grass roots rugby at it's wonderful best.