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The Varsity Matches 2023 Oxford Vs Cambridge


Academy Player
Feb 7, 2023
Is anyone planning on attending the matches this year?

They are taking place on the 25th March at Twickenham with the womens match at 12.00pm and the mens at 3.00pm.

Does anyone play for a local rugby club? Or have children who play rugby at school? We have two competitions running for schools and rugby clubs attending the match this year and I am trying to get the word out so as many people can have a chance of taking part!

School competition

Any school that purchases a minimum of 20 tickets will go in the draw for the opportunity to interview the winning Women's team Captain and Player of the match. The winning school can then select two students to interview both players. The interview will take place on the sideline after the match, presentation and team photo. This is a hugely exciting opportunity for students, hopefully encouraging the next generation of sporting leaders!

Rugby Club competition

Any club that purchases a minimum of 20 tickets will go in the draw to be part of the guard of honour when the players run out onto the field pre matches. The winning club/s will select which players, (aged 7 - 14) , to take part. We have a max of 10 spots up for grabs.

We also have a 20% discount on adult tickets for groups of 10+

If you think any of this is of interest please email me at [email protected]

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