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The Week That Was - 16/07-20/07



I thought i'd try and create a topic that talks about the gaming topics of the week which are probably too specific to start a new topic about. If people think its a good idea, I might do it regularly. If they dont, feel free to boo me into the gallows so as to prevent further blighting upon thine eyes.

The Week That Was - week ending 20th July 2007
  • Peter Moore Leaves Microsoft
    Yes, the scouser who was in charge of Sega of America before defecting to Microsoft has now defected to EA Sports. Apparently not related to the recent change in warranty policy that has cost Microsoft 1 beeeeeeellion dollars, but is probably related to the fact that he gets a $1.5 million bonus and $333,000 purely to relocate to San Fran. It's a hard life.

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
    This years front cover will apparently be graced with the visages of Michael Owen and Cristiano Ronaldo, and will be premiered at this year's Games Convention in Leipzig, where it will be available on every platform under the sun.

  • Sony Europe Stuff
    Trade magazine MCV is reporting that SCEE might use the aforementioned Games Convention to announce a PS3 price cut in Europe, despite the denial of such a thing at E3. MCV are pretty well respected in the industry so i'm sure it's not a completely baseless rumour. However, when it comes to Sony's questionable strategies (see: refusal to drop PS3 price in Europe at E3), i'll still sit on the fence on this one. In other news, the redesigned PSP will hit "early September", beating its release in Japan (due 20th September) and is expected to cost the same as the current version (£130).
  • Rockstar are Wii-ly excited
    Earlier this week, Rockstar confirmed they were bringing previously 360-exclusive ***le Table Tennis to the Wii. This has been followed up today with confirmation that Bully (Canis Canem Edit) is also headed to the Wii - and the 360 too, replete with mandatory extras and unneccessary subtitle ("Scholarship Edition"). Well, I suppose the Wii department needs something to do while they sort out Manhunt 2 I guess...
  • DS or No DS
    Deal or No Deal is headed to the DS. I have literally no idea how it would translate into an enjoyable game. Pick a bunch of numbers. Deal or No Deal for an imaginary figure. Repeat ad nauseum. Fail at life.

  • Disgaea 3 announced for PS3
    The headline tells you all you need to know. I dont care what anyone says, the PS3 just found its killer app.

  • Idiot buys PS2 - gets £44k
    A 16 year old boy bought a second-hand PS2 on eBay for £95. Yes, someone spent waaaaaaay too much on a used PS2. Intelligence is not bestowed on this lad. When it arrived, it didnt come with the two promised games as listed on the auction site. Instead, bundled inside was 65,400 Euros. Because intelligence is not this boy's strongest point, he told his parents about it. The police are now holding onto it while they determine its origins. Muppet. Could have just about afforded a PS3 with that.
I'm sure i've forgotten a few things. But hey, s'long as its happened this week, feel free to place it here. Or make a comment about any of the above. Or just tell me how much I suck. Whatever.
Thanks for the review, it's a good idea and I hope it's a regular fixture.

Any news on the Pro Evo licensing.
can't believe that guy who bought the PS2 called the police. If someone is dumb enough to send $90,000 with a PS2, then its his own damn fault

and what is Peter Moore gonna do with his tattoos of Halo 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV? He has to get a Madden tattoo now
Reminds me when I was 8 and this kid in my class found $100 and he found who it belonged to and gave the money to them, for a reward of a bag of jelly beans....he was dead to me from that day....in my 8 year old mind $100 was crazy money, imagine all the lollies that could be bought!
Any news on the Pro Evo licensing.[/b]
Not yet, though I wouldnt be surprised if they're saving that for the Leipzig Games Convention, which I believe starts August 23rd.
Would you expect Konami to get their finger out in that aspect after FIFA closed the gameplay aspect down last year, or am I being deluded?
I think Konami will try harder this year to improve gameplay and regain its crown of best footy game!! Go PES!!
Would you expect Konami to get their finger out in that aspect after FIFA closed the gameplay aspect down last year, or am I being deluded?
I can only speculate at this point, but I suspect increasing the development platforms to include the PS3 will probably not help matters. The only thing they really seem to be touting right now (so is presumably one of its most significant features) is this Teamvision system where the opposing AI's team will adapt to your tactics. Whether that's significant or not is entirely up to you.

They traditionally have this big unveiling at Leipzig every year anyways, so if nothing big happens there, i'd probably start worrying.
i want gameplay before liscencing and no lag online

pes online right now isnt that great - plenty of lag for aussie v NH (which is where my prey are, in the North Hemis)

liscencing is always on the improve, and maybe they will secure one or 2 more leagues.

also change the master league - whilst it is good, it needs to be improved faster than it has the last 2 editions.

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