The Week That Was - 23/07-27/07

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    Yes, it's back! The topic literally several critics called "that review of the week in gaming" returns! Same as the last time, please leave feedback and personal commentary concerning everything thats happened this week. In games.

    The Week That Was - week ending 27th July 2007
    • Metal Gear is 20
      Yes, Metal Gear was created in 1987. Yes, they had a party in Japan to celebrate (video gaming celebrites at the event included the head of Xbox Japan no less, who said he was there "because Kojima is an old friend"). Yes, they've confirmed three new titles in the process (not including the recently announced Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops +). Yes, here they all are, in an entirely different bulleted list! I'm so clever.
      • Metal Gear Solid 2: Digital Graphic Novel has been confirmed. Again, surely, as I could have sworn I heard about it not that long after the first one was released. Still, it sounds like it will be much like the previous one, complete with Ashley Wood's art. The most significant change this time seems to stem from the fact it will come with a full voice track.
      • Metal Gear Online has also been confirmed as a standalone title, so far again exclusive to PS3. Sounds like it's pretty much going to be much like the Subsistence's online mode except tarted up. And hopefully without pulling the plug on the server after a year.
      • Metal Gear Mobile has been confirmed as a title for a Metal Gear-themed mobile phone in Japan that has been created by (surprise, surprise) Sony. Pictures that have appeared on the net seem to suggest more than a subtle hint of MGS2.
      • In non-new-game related news, another character has been confirmed for MGS4! And it's... EVA! Seriously. I'm not joking. Look, here's a pic. I must admit, for someone who must be in their 70's-80's, she ain't looking too bad. And when you've finished gawping, here's a 15 minute video of gameplay, demonstrated at the event.
    • "GTA better on 360" says people behind GTA
      I really hope i'm not going to start a flame war with this one, but the only reason I am mentioning this is because Rockstar has said it. "They're identical games. We're not hardware makers, and we're not like a pawn between these companies, we try not to be as much as we can. We make great games for people to enjoy on whichever system they want. But I guess if you want the complete experience with the episodes, then yeah, you should buy the 360, I suppose." so said Rockstar spokesperson Hosi Simon, who I suspect will probably be ex-spokesperson soon enough. It sounds more like it was a slip-up more than anything, but it does seem to seal the deal mentioned a couple months ago where Microsoft allegedly purchased exclusivity on downloadable content - the aforementioned episodes.
    • Sony preparing for frosty winter
      In between Sony Europe's boss saying "It's not this Christmas that is critical to success, but the next one" and Sony Japan's chief financial officer saying "Actually, because the number of units sold was not as high as we hoped, the loss was better than our original expectation", Sony are obviously preparing for a rough ride. Indeed, Sony's entertainment division continues to make a loss according to their latest financial reports. Still, it's not all bad news as Sony is still in profit as a whole - mirroring Microsoft's recent financial report, where their gaming division was still making a loss despite the company as a whole remaining in healthy profit.
    • Jaffe sets up new dev studio, apparently is not a cake
      David Jaffe, the brains behind titles such as God of War and Twisted Metal, has set up a new company named Eat Sleep Play. They've already signed a three-title exclusivity deal with Sony, and it appears that their first title will be a PS2 port of PSP launch title Twisted Metal: Head On, replete with higher-res textures, 60 frames per second and mandatory extras such as a documentary on the series and several levels from an unfinished sequel to Twisted Metal: Black.

    • Gundammit
      The Dynasty Warriors: Gundam demo is now available on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. The only reason I mention this is because I really want to play it, yet I dont own a PS3 and my 360 is still being tinkered with by a fat man who probably goes by the name of Steve. I am not amused at the timing.

    • Ubisoft Convicted, tries to be Heroes
      Ubisoft has been busy this week. Along with confirmation that the latest Splinter Cell title Conviction has slipped to spring next year, we've also heard that they're making a game based on James Cameron's latest film Avatar, and they're just tied up a deal around hit US series Heroes. Ubisoft released both the excellent King Kong adaptation as well as the lacklustre Ninja Turtles, and of course there's still no sight of their Lost adaptation, so the jury is still out on whether they can make competent games based on film and TV franchises. And X360 players of the latest Splinter Cell Double Agent will now find the formerly PS3-exclusive extras available for free on the Xbox Marketplace which includes two new maps and a new playable multiplayer character in the form of a spy girl (omg lol asl?)

    • Uwe in bad video-game shock
      Uwe Boll, director of such cinematic abortions as House of the Dead, BloodRayne and Alone in the Dark, films not even nudity could save, is clearly not content with trying to permanently ruin video game-film adaptations. Now he's looking to create a video game based on his own original creation, the Vietnam War based Tunnel Rats, currently in development at Replay Studios, whose games I have never heard of before.
    And finally, for those whose wallets are burning, here's a new segment: this week's releases in Europe! (If people like this segment but desire information for their area, please let me know and I shall endeavour to try and reliably find out what's out in a particular week for these regions.)
    • Xbox Live Arcade
      Super Contra
      Wing Commander Arena
    • Wii Virtual Console
      Kirby's Ghost Trap (SNES)
      Devil's Crush (TurboGrafx-16)
    • DS
      Pokemon Diamond
      Pokemon Pearl
    • PS2
      American Chopper 2
      Guitar Hero: Rock the 80's
      Rugby 08 (no next-gen versions? hmm...)
    • PC
      Rugby 08
    Yes, we may be three feet deep in flooded waters, but the summer drought apparently continues to affect the video game release dates...
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  3. Oh wow MGS4 looks IMMENSE!
  4. RC

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    That's the type of thing i'd say! And totally end my career.

    Cheers Zonerunner.
    Yet another interesting update!
  5. Hazey

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    MSG4 looks bloody amazing!!
  6. Radman

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    Keep em coming dude.
  7. Zonerunner

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    I dont suppose anyone can grab the Gundam demo and give me a detailed description of how it is? Responses more elaborate than "its good/bad" appreciated. Preferably someone with previous Dynasty or Samurai Warriors experience so they can tell me how it compares. I expect the only person here equipped to answer this is probably me, but I only just recieved an e-mail on Saturday from Xbox Support confirming they had my 360 (over a week after I sent it off), so I am somewhat ominous that I am going to be able to try it out myself anytime soon...
  8. Bullitt

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    f***ed if I can find it, 'tis not on my demos list.

    Still, Dynasty Warriors always sucked.
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    Creepy image of the press conference. Dude looks like a Zombie.

    AK, you've been rather quiet about last night. I expected to see a new thread showcasing the results!
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    been busy at work, mate - but u got wooped!!!!!!

    You'all @ TRF haver been very lucky, my flatmate's laptop is sent of to repairs - as i am hooked up at debut drunken tirade post is impending :bleh!:
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