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The wind


St Helens RLFC

Bloody hell!

Never seen anything like what I've seen today! Am I glad I'm home. Never seen anything like it in all my life. The city of Liverpool was gripped by rumour, decapitated bodies (supposedly) and a general attempt to leave the city. It was like a martian invasion everyone was trying to escape. I work right on the Mersey and the building was rocking. On hearing buses and trains were being cancelled left right and centre the issue was forced and we got off early. But we have to make the time up...

If the Inland Revenue send you home, you know it's serious!
I am mate

Bloody Awful, its the Country's Only Natural World Hertiage Site
Lol when I was little, I used to be scared of the wind.

Is that why you have an afinity with a team from Wellington

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Bloody Awful, its the Country's Only Natural World Hertiage Site

Ahem!!! :p

YEAH thats really Natural!!!

also on the whole thing down by us, the Scavengers who have been down there for the last couple of days have made the whole situation 800% worse according to figures... And Will any of them be helping to clean up the mess, NO cos they are cheap ass scum who deserve to be shot.... I personally blame several people for this, One the decision to move the boat to Portland Harbour, rather than the closer Falmouth Harbour... Two the police, who should of stopped anyone from going down there in the first place and opening the containers. Three the owners of the ship who should of hired a private security firm to control the situation on the beach...
They are now talking about how the boat could be broken up in the bay... this is going to affect loads of people in my area, the main being fishermen, who now have to be extra careful, as these containers could be underwater and cause a fatality at sea...
These things dont hit home until they happen in your area...

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