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    So, this is a wonderful time of year... cold games in Europe, and hot games in New Zealand! Watching one then the other back-to-back really makes it all so fun and interesting...

    Here’s my theoretical question.

    You create a tournament that conforms to the Six Nations format. But instead of 6 teams, it’s 10. 5 teams are randomly selected from Super Rugby, and 5 from a combination of Premiership and Pro14 teams.

    You are required to place an all-or-nothing bet on which hemisphere wins the tournament prior to randomized selection.

    Where do you put your money?
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    I’ve had a few tonight (probably a few more than that even, if I’m honest) as its ‘potential’ Grand Slam eve and all but... I’m pretty sure that even if I were sobre there is no way of answering this effectively.

    What I would say is... I would love to see the Crusaders play Leinster in a home and away two legger... I’d even PPV.
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