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Thierry Henry Piece



v1 :


what do you think (non biased opinion) :cheers:
Prefer the first one, the lack of colour makes the second bland.

Some scatter brush strokes will help mix them together and the blending on the arm could use a little work.

Otherwise, nice work.

Seems i got a worse rating on here which is suprising!!

i usually get a lot of criticsm on my other site (sports nation) glad to see us getting some criticsm over here now!

nice suggestions to :D

what exactly do you mean by scatter brush? is this a type of brush? or a technique?

on this sig i used emirates stadium, duplicated layer, D layer as overlay bottom layer as image>adjustments desaturate then gaussian blur, then set both blending options to gradiant overlay,then just brushed it up a little with fractal brushes then put henry on there, duplicated his layer set the dupliicate layer in the first one to "color dodge" in v2 i set the duplicate layer to "luminosity" and then set the bottom layer to image>adjustments>desaturate then gaussian blured it, then added a layer of channel mixer

From sports nation: (not the deepest criticsm)
"i'm likin both of them man...I like the backround, and both pic effects


"Love it, Gallery Worthy!"

"Second one is my favorite. Indeed this is Gallery Worthy."

"..work on text, rest is solid."

not to shabby though, theres some great artists over at sports nation, Teh Mite if you ever get a bug an want to work on brushing sigs, or no brushing sigs i would reccomend heading over to SN every now and then, i learned a lot from there

ooo yea Teh Mite do you use channel mixer or levels ever?
I like the first one better 'cause the colour. The background is nicely done and the blur is good on the render. The text is a bit basic maybe you could have done more to it. Overall I thinks it really good 8/10