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Things you don't see any more


St Helens RLFC

Revisiting a popular thread from 2 summers ago:

- Toffee apples

- Those rides in shopping centres that where like a mini theme park wheel

- The Vengaboys

And so on.
Kids being dressed in embarassing jumpers by their parents. They seem to all come out of the womb in designer gear now.
- Cassettes for Sale!!!

- VHS Videos!!!

- Minidisc's (well when did you)
What are they, ak?

these ice cream sandwhiches you could buy few years ago

they got ditched by peters ice cream - now owned by streets i believe

vanilla ice cream in the middle - cookie dough on the outside

they were bloody brilliant tasty things, and i aint the only aussie chap demanding their presence

i grew up eating them..........then one day i went to look and all shops said they dont do them anymore

its a travesty...massively!!!