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Thinking of going wireless?



Ok i thought i would post about my endevours about going wireless in my home.

I first started with a keyboard and mouse. mainly cause my other keyboard was stuffed and some keys i couldnt press (something about being drunk, alcahol and pulling apart keyboard cause flatmate "accidently" puts alcahol in keyboard dont fit) so after playing with the keyboard after about 6 months i finally decided to go wireless.

plugged in and all working ok or so i thought. every now and again when i boot up to load into windows my keybord doesnt work and then cuts off my mouse. and its annoying when your mouse runs out of batteries and you cant find the battery charger (mertsisagod have you seen it anywhere?)

ok then we got broadband and had a normal router and my flatmate had his pc hooked into mine and my pc was acting as a router for the internet. this was fine for a bit but we needed less cables as people were tripping up. so i deceded on wireless network. it took a while to get my cards and the router but once they arrived installing it was a breeze and everything was working fine. BUT i found out if my receiver for my mouse and keybaord is to close to my network card then i cannot use the network as it interfears. no problem just keep them apart right? ok

Then i decided to move my pc upstairs to my room as it was warmer (its winter now) but i wanted sky in my room. i decided on purchacing a wireless av thing which does the job. though if i have that on the wrong settings it plays up with the whole wireless network in the house and also my keyboard as well.

today been having trouble with my network not sure why it isnt going, found my keyboard reciever on the floor, it fell of my desk and it was playing up with my network. i had pulled my computer apart and everything and didnt know argh now its going (obviously)

also my wireless av plays up with my network as i normally get a bad feed from downstairs. i can live with it buy my gf constantly moans about it (could be moaning about something else ;))

so i am ****** off with my wireless setup at the moment, but its working now and thats all that matters, but for how long?

any of you guys had problems with wireless stuff?

ohh also it plays up with cordless phones 2

stupid technology
It ****** me off that I have to change the batteries in my mouse every month (I know, hassle!) and occassionally my wireless internet fails to work even though it says everything is connected. I figured out I have to go downstairs, unplug then plug back in the power for the router.

Such a tough life I lead... :wall:
The wireless network I set up in the house (3 computers and 2 laptops) works perfectly for us, and we've had it for over 6 months, not a hitch. Batteries are a *****, but just invest in some rechargables.
yeah i use rechargables for my mouse and keyboard, right now i cant find the charger
We have only have to change the batteries in our wireless mouse once, and we have had it since Aug (Keyboard also).

Our wireless internet is working a treat, I am using 2 computers off that connection at the same time as xbox live most of the time.

Never had any problems, our cordless phone isn't causing havok either...
My wireless is nothing but hassle, we need a new connection speed, we have had 512 for 5 years or so but now it is slow because everyone has broadband.


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