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Thinking outside the square


Mr. Laxative

Well, I think Swordfish should make more sports games, but maybe they should try something unique. Take on street cricket and rugby, but have a story mode where you try to get higher ranking from year to year, starting out representing your school. As you get better, you unlock stuff for other modes, like special sevens teams or licensed international teams and tournaments. I know that this would be successful if implemented properly.
I reckon thats a good idea. If they are successful at it, they will make a bucketload and have some ressurected fans.
Yeah I think Street Rugby would be a good idea. And you could have all sorts of dodgy moves and stuff like that. Hey, how about you're allowed to clothes-line people as a special moves?

I wouldnt mind street rugby, in about 15 years when they have perfected regular rugby. Other than that we should be careful what we wish for, theres nothing worse than a half arsed street game.
won't happen with swordfish in the near future anyway. rugby challenge 2006 is their last sports game. vivendi games have got them now working on other projects

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