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Threat to the Survival of Rosslyn Park FC

Phil Stringer

Academy Player
May 25, 2018
Support Rosslyn Park and secure our future

Rosslyn Park is one of the world's leading community sports clubs and has been at the forefront of developing rugby for over 100 years. The club is now threatened by a group called Campaign Against Rosslyn Park Advertising who want to remove the club's main source of funding.

Removal of this funding will mean the closure of the club, the loss of our ground and a community facility that benefits over 1000 children and local families each week playing sport, numerous local schools and 100s of adults who use the facility for rugby, football and other sports. It will mean the end of the National School 7s tournament that attracts 9,000 children from 850 schools around the world each year to play in the world's biggest school team sports tournament.

We are proud of our long history working in our community encouraging and inspiring youngsters. We are proud that through our links with many of the UK's top schools we have arranged scholarships for local children who otherwise couldn't afford or dream of attending those schools. We are proud that almost all international players in the UK played their first competitive rugby at Rosslyn Park in our school 7s tournament.

Our funding is underpinned and secured by revenue from digital advertising boards on the border of our ground in Roehampton with the South Circular Road, one of London's main arterial routes.

This innovative fund-raising was approved by Wandsworth Council following a long and thorough consultation process with local residents, the council, Transport for London and by considering environmental and safety matters but is now threatened by a campaign group who are opposed to outdoor advertising screens.

By supporting this petition you will give a clear message to the Campaign Against Rosslyn Park Advertising of the passion and strength of feeling that our members, our local community and those that have benefited from Rosslyn Park have and we hope they will desist from their campaign against the screens and the resulting closure of the club.

We are asking our community to show their support to Rosslyn Park by

a) Signing an online petition asking Campaign against Rosslyn Park Advertising to stop their campaign against Rosslyn Park

b) Write directly to Campaign against Rosslyn Park Advertising highlighting how you have benefited from Rosslyn Park

c) Thank those firms that are supporting Rosslyn Park by advertising on the screens

https://chn.ge/2s414rE - Please sign!

Sign the Petition


Amanda Benzecry/CARPA : Support Rosslyn Park Rugby Club and secure our future

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