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Discussion in 'Site News & Suggestions' started by St Helens RLFC, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. TRF needs you.

    As you will have noticed, me and getofmeland have been going about making a great deal of changes to TRF recently. We have been achieving what I have been dreaming of for 18 months. If I can buy TRF this weekend, I will. It's time for things to take a step forward.

    The cost of TRF will stay between me and Dom. But other costs must be shared.

    And this is where you, the members of TRF, must play your part. This evening I am setting up a PayPal account. I need you to donate what you can for the upkeep of this board.

    getofmeland believes that upgrading the board will be beneficial. He has done some superb work for us. And like any good boss, I want to back things with money to improve it.

    I am not in a great financial situation at the moment. But I want to pursue making TRF the biggest and the best. But you must back me.

    With buying the upgrade, we can have the homepage we badly need. IMO can grow radically, we can have a list of hot topics, we can do featured members. TRF needs a homepage. I need you to throw your weight behind it and help pay for it.

    You know me. I am not here to rip you off. I am here to make TRF the best.

    I trust you are all behind me 100% in this venture.

    I need you to put your hands in your pockets. I might own the board, but it belongs to you.

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  3. Some big changes happening then, good luck with it Dan and the rest of the staff.

    TRF > Number 1.
  4. DonBilly

    DonBilly Guest

    I guess that what we need to know is how much is needed for this upgarde, what needs to be invested, the cost of the licences, etc. I mean I think you should provide us with some background and tell us a bit more on your projects.
  5. When my PayPal account is up and running I will be providing an extensive list of what is to come.

    I don't really want to say that I am aiming for X £ because if we make more money than we need, that can go toward hosting costs.
  6. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    So what time would be good for you, generally I like to do my donating in the afternoon.
  7. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Plans and Ideas for the TRF

    Right where to begin......

    1. Homepage
    2. TRF VIP Group
    3. Organise fantasty rugby and prediction competitons
    4. Downloads forum, in the gaming section for mods, patches, and trailers
    5. TRF Shop
    6. Blog/Gallery
    7. Gain Affiliates

    1 - The homepage is a priority for the TRF, this is so that we can display articles on their, maybe if we link in with affiliates we could have the latest news that links to the affiliated website, we would also be able to have a calendar on the front page showing the current months events.

    2 - The TRF VIP Group, the idea behind this is that if you donate some money to the TRF you will be placed in the VIP Group, which would colour your name in the active users, also i would look into possibly displaying a club logo for your favourite team, we would also be creating a forum that VIP members will only be able to access, and also give you a bit more functionality, like editing your posts and deleting your own posts as well, although if this was abused then we would consider taking appropriate action.

    3 - I know currently that we have a few prediction and fantasy rugby competions running on the boards, I would like to look into bringing in more professional systems as have been suggested before...

    4 - The Download section has been suggested before and it is something that I would like to sort out, so that we could have Mods, Videos (trailers, home made Vids) and the latest patches for the Games...

    5 - This is an Idea that Dan (St Helens) has been considering for a while, and i believe is a good idea, currently we are thinking of things we could actually sell in the shop... Currently we have thought about T-Shirts, Mouse Mats, and Bumper Stickers....

    6 - The Blog/Gallery idea, is one i have been thinking about recently, This idea is subject to use as it would cost a one off fee to upgrade.... The Blog idea would allow every registered user to create their own personal blog, this could be handy for Trev and Locksley, we would also be able to add links to the main homepage to favourite blogs... The Gallery idea would also be dependent on use like the blog, It would allow each user to create their own personal photo album, which could be a good idea or it could back fire and be pointless, i actually prefer the blog idea over the gallery one...

    7 - Finally Gain affiliates, this is important for the TRF to grow, and continue growing, we need to try and think of rugby union and league sites that could become possible affiliates...

    If you do have any ideas, whether it be ideas for items in the shops, or other things, that could just improve the general running of the board or increase usage of the board, then feel free to contact any member of the Admin Team, or post it in Forum Feedback... I would also like as much feedback as possible on these ideas, and if you would like an idea explained in more details then please let me know.. This is YOUR TRF!!!!!

  8. To be perfectly honest, I think that idea sounds a bit crap. It's just another way to separate members into little groups, a make some seem more important than others.

    It'll be exactly the same as the post count, people will think that if someone has donated loads then they must be a great poster. Which obviously may be far from true.
  9. QKXV

    QKXV Guest

    Surely people will invest in something that will offer some kind of return. What kind of return will people be expecting to receive from the forum. Money wise or feature wise. I mean if I donate some money onto this forum then I will expect to get something like cheaper than normal ticket prices for internationals etc. Chances of winning tickets to tours etc....

    More than just belonging to a VIP club on the forum maybe you (Dan & CHarlie) should look into it as creating a world wide rugby supporters club where you get special deals on stuff, like memoribilia, tickets to matches, hotel fares and other special deals that will make rugby lovers want to be members of TRF, and so, instead of asking for donations you can ask people to pay a monthly subscription. The money that people pay can then be used for the upkeep of the forum and also to organise tours to go and view international matches. Maybe also creating a e-newsletter with rugby news condensed into a monthly/weekly portion.

    Obviously what I am talking about here is the much bigger picture than what you guys are probably interested in persuing. It will take alot of organisation and capital to set up what is basically a rugby hospitality company that caters for the die hard rugby fan who's got enough money to belong to a supporters club, pay some good money to go and have some fun around the world - the forum itself would then only become a small part of what would be a massive operation. You will need to have a huge number of contacts that can secure tickets for all kinds of games and contacts for all kinds of other things too....I can go on...possibilities are endless.

    but saying this:
    is not going to give people enough of an insentive (or assurance) to part with their hard earned cash. :p
  10. But those who know me know I have always tried to drag TRF forward, ever since I was made a mod in 2004. I am an honest gentleman, I just cant afford to pay for everything. Quintes, I like your ideas, but how do you propose we get these things for free to donate for competitions? How can we get you discount off goodies?
  11. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Can we stay realistic here guys.....
  12. Im not one for seperating groups of members as I have said before. Post count, reputation and possibly the VIP club would only serve to make new users feel inferior. In reality any given new user could become one of the most importaant posters/contributors but they have to go through this period of having low post count, no reputation etc.

    Dont see why everyone cant just be on a level playing field.
  13. It's not intended to reward, seperate and divide guys, it's just a way of saying "thanks for donating."
  14. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    What about the people who donate in the forum, surely they deserve something......
    take this into account, Rep is what reputation you make on the board, whether you have made a positive impression on the board or a negative impression... It doesnt create a hierachy, if you post and they are well structured and make good reading then you will have a better rep in theory....
    The whole idea of the VIP section would be that it would be a Thank You for investing into the TRF, it is not neccessary to do so, it is your choice whether you do.... People wont know what you have donated all they will know is that you have donated say £1 whereas Joe Blogs could of donated £10, but it wont give them any higher status on the board because they donated a larger amount..... I honestly feel that the TRF cant take donations without giving the members who donated something back......
  15. Well if it doesn't matter how much you donate then surely members won't need to be recognised on the board with any action which separates them from the rest?
  16. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Why Shouldnt they be recognised for donating towards the progression of the forum....

    If you donated wouldnt you like to recieve something for it????
  17. I'd have thought the incentive of keeping the place open should be enough for most regular members.

    If you're working on that basis, then surely the more you donate the more you should get? Someone can donate £100, only to find someone who has contributed £1 gets exactly the same priviledges because of it.

    In theory a member could just say "If you make a mod then I'll give you £50" or something equally as ridiculous.

    The costs of keeping the server running can't possibly run that much, and I would like to think donations would be volutary, rather than dangling a carrot in front of members and saying "You can't use this bit of the forum unless you give us money".
  18. You wouldn't believe how costly hosting is. Especially if we go over the bandwidth limit; it must cost Trev a lot of money.

    I worry that there aren't enough people out there who care for TRF enough to pay money, and that's not a pop at you SFW.

    Keeping TRF open won't be enough of an incentive for people to donate, IMO.
  19. QKXV

    QKXV Guest

    So Dan, It's probably got nothing to do with anyone here but why are you intersted in buying something that is going to cost you money? You say it costs Trev alot of money, if that is the case then it's a bad investment that someone (as you've said) with your own personal financial standing not being the best should stay away from. If there is a profit to be made from this forum, then asking people for an investment rather than a donation could make some people sit up and take notice. How about advertising, can you get some kind of a financial benefit from advertising on this domain? I will speak with a friend of mine who runs a rugby merchandise business in London, maybe he can offer TRF something in return for advertising or offer TRF members some sort of discount on buying items from him. There are other avenue's

    Charlie I'm sorry you are thinking I'm taking the p*ss, maybe I'm a dreamer but I know for a fact that my idea's about the supporter's club is not unrealistic, it is entirly possible and it is probably being done at the moment by other more ambitious people than myself, well I'm abitious in another way.

    Maybe you guys should explain to people that the concept of a donation is something given voluntary, meanig it is given without expecting anything in return.
  20. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Look I know you were geniune with your idea, but currently I have no time to take up a venture of that type the amount of time that this forum has currently taken up with my time, with the numerous number of modifications I have implemented in my short period of time as an admin.... I am currently working full time and sometimes do over a 40 hr week, the only time i have off is on weekend and evenings.... This week I will have worked a 50hr week, and I have still managed to be on the boards, for at least 4 hours a day, to check that things are running, If i was unemployed or had more time on my hands I would possibly look at taking up your idea, but currently other commitments come first.....

    The Other thing I would like to put across is some of the costs that are priced into our plan...

    The first one is the homepage, to do this we would need to upgrade the boards to the latest version, which is a one off fee of around £40, this would entitle us to have a portal type feature linking to the forum, so rather than come to the forum straight away you would go to this portal page... This upgrade would also help protect us from attacks, eg Hackers and Search Bots which we have had a lot of trouble with recently...

    The second one is the Blog to upgrade to have a blog which is a long term plan, we would also need to have the above upgrade would cost us in the region of £28.50, if we also decided we wanted to go for the gallery idea then that is an additional £38.....

    We would also want to advertise these boards, so we are looking at advertising costs which I am not sure on a figure, but it would be a reasonable sum of money....

    And we also have the possibility of the hosting costs which would be fairly high due to the bandwidth that we currently use....

    We could advertise stuff on the boards, with google ad's but its whether it looks right and do we want to fill these boards up with adverts, also there are other aspects to it....
  21. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Quintes, the thing is that St Helens wants to own this board because it's cool...

    No, wait, hear me out.

    People want to own really flash cars because they're cool. They cost heaps of money, and take more than average to keep it running, but it looks cool.

    Also, the thing is, with the donation system, then we are all paying to keep TRF alive... Do not feel bribed... We all want TRF to be successful and stay alive, which is why we should chip in. Dans going to own the board, but we're going to make it. The real reason he wants to own the board is because he's been a big part of TRF, has been the most proactive in wanting to build the place over the last couple of years, took this place very seriously, and likes owning stuff that everyone can share. He's a sharing person. That's why he wants to own this place.... So he can share it. Isn't that nice?

    I vote that I become Dans PA. Basically that means I answer all questions addressed to him.

    Dan, what do you think?

    Sure thing buddy.

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