Tips on getting back into Rugby?

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Will_R, Feb 17, 2010.

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    Hi guys, first post here so hope this isn't too dense a question to be asking.

    I played rugby when I was a lot younger, then stopped during High School.

    I'm now 24 and keen to get back into it.

    I know that I'm going to need to work on stamina quite a bit, but strength and power should hopefully be pretty good.

    I've been training for weightlifting for the last 3-4 years. So lots of core & trunk work. Heavy on the squats and deadlifts with a lot of clean & jerks and snatches for power.

    I'm quite a big guy, 6ft4 and 18st 8lbs

    Any tips?


    - Will
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  3. At your size just get your ball handling and skill levels up.

    get a few balls and pass them through a tire hanging from a tree or something then try it on the run as you get more confident at it .

    one for getting your hand eye coordination and reactions in is jogging up the length of a pretty long wall and just popping the ball against it and catching it ..great excercise for getting your eye in before a match or training

    get an expirianced player to show you how to tackle as technique is everything

    then just work on your sidestep and handoff and you should be set
  4. Olyy

    Olyy Guest

    As lucky number 7 said, you've got the strength down/are doing the right exercises for useable/rugby strength

    For fitness, running is the main thing you need to do, but things like fartlek training (running 20m sprinting 10m) that kind of thing improves fitness quickly, and is more like what will happen in a game than being able to jog for hours on end.
    Also, sprint training like lying down on your front, then getting up as fast as possibly and sprinting 15m or so, and repeating. Hillsprints are another thing which will help with fitness and also speed/power in running. Could be worth looking into doing some plyometrics (there's a thread on here with information on them, think O'Rothlain posted it), as they'll improve twitch muscle fibres, and just general moveability

    Skills and handling is hard to do by yourself, all i do handling wise by myself is kicking and catching, but you'll cover all of that in training anyhows. Best thing to do is just to get used to handling a rugby ball again, i have one in my living room and when i'm watching tv i throw and catch it and things (obviously not hard as i'm indoors, but just make sure i'm handling it really). Don't know if this has improved my handling at all, but it can't hurt.
    You'll cover tackling and things like that in training as well, so it's best to leave that for someone to show you
  5. Nickdnz

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    I presume your looking to play as a lock or loose forward? I'd work on things such as line outs as well. Fitness is more important then anything else, no matter how big you are, you need to be able to run for the 80min. Other then that I agree with ball handling. I personally have found kicking the ball in the air and catching it quite satisfying in terms of handling. Passing is important, but lets face it, the number of times a lock gives the ball to the backs will be minimal.
  6. Will_R

    Will_R Guest

    Thanks for the replies guys!

    I did realise the ball handling would be an issue without playing with others, but will pop down the road and pick one up today or tomorrow. Never would have thought about some of those tricks!

    Tackling is the same as above, I'm going to see about joining a club in the near future, was just wanting to make sure I'm physically prepared :)

    For fitness I have already been doing something similar to fartlek training, HIIT as outlined as being "guerilla cardio" and a lot of work on the rowing machines.

    I'll look into adding some plyometrics to my workout, fast twitch training has always been there with the weightlifting and whatnot :)

    Regarding position, I'm not too sure where I'd play, just wherever was most benificial for the team as a whole if I got to playing games. I'd assume second row/lock tho !

    Thanks again for the tips!
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