to choke, or not to choke?

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by 36crazyfist, Oct 9, 2007.



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  1. 36crazyfist

    36crazyfist Guest

    lot of comments have been going around in the news that the AB's are chokers...

    they've been consistently the best team in the world since the the first wc in '87, which is also the last time they've won it...

    what's your opinion?
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  3. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    Yes and No. We have made it to at least the semis every tourny bar this one. That's more than anyone, and have a victory also. If you look at the games we lost, we were all simply beaten by better teams on the day. Which I believe is'nt a choke. However, due to the fact we always seem to play our worst rugby in a world cup, you have to wonder. It is obviously the pressure getting to them, so maybe they are. In saying that, we should have at least 2 more world cups to show for our efforts (this year and in 1995 should have been won 100%).
  4. Aeros

    Aeros Guest

    Ah, who will ever forget that drop goal by Joel Stransky with 7 minutes overtime remaining :D

    But, you're right - it must be the pressure. The AB's play very well in the Tri-Nations, and for some reason seem to choke during the RWC's.
  5. Kokoro

    Kokoro Guest

    That´s what chokers do.
    A fantastic team like that should have won it, period.

    And i feel your pain...i am a AB fan and was sick to my stomach when the game ended. :wall:
  6. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Well w-c is right in pointing out that the AB`s are the only team to have made it to at least the semi`s in each and every RWC to date. Before this year`s tourney, I`d have voted no, most definately. But this year`s tourney, well not so much the fact that they lost in the QF, than the fact that they just played the pressure points poorly.

    If you`ve got quality attacking backs, and a couple of quality kickers, get 73% possession, and then fail to do the business, well this year we can call it a choke. Not going for a droppie in those last few minutes, for instance, was a case of poor decision-making under pressure, i.e. choking.

    But I really can`t see how 91 was a choke- the Aus class of 91, and Campo in the semi, was just superb. In `95, well it was our destiny to win it, what with the new SA and all. In `99, maybe, maybe a choke, but I think not. You guys came up against 30 minutes of perfect French rugby. Any side of any era would`ve lost against that. And that includes the Lions of the early 70`s. And `03- well Larkham was just superb.

    So, I`ll vote no, not "chokers" in general. This year, yes definately. But certainly not before.
  7. 36crazyfist

    36crazyfist Guest

    i'd have to agree on yes and no.

    in the tri-nations they rule. winning way more than aus or sa.

    but somehow they just can't get it right in the wc. the problem is, that after going home not winning, the pressure just builds and builds up to the next world cup which will be held new zealand. this i think will only add more pressure with them being the host...
  8. candybum

    candybum Guest

    it saddens for me to say that they are. horrible as it was watching the game again, they lost all direction and panicked when the French caught up.

    This was definitely due to not having the right team playing (imo).
  9. shazbooger

    shazbooger Guest

    Personally I think the main factor in the loss was the simple fact that they arent used to losing. France have had their backs to the wall before, and are used to coming through in tough encounters. This shared experience kinda negates the need for individual leaders, the whole group just knows whats required.

    NZ on the other hand, havent been in that situation too regularly, so dont have a natural "collective" response.

    A form of choking, but how can you prep for it?
  10. chopper128

    chopper128 Guest

    I dont believe we have been the best team since 87, going into 2003 Wc england were the form team nad the outright favourites, they were not playing well throughout the tournament but managed to beat the opposition and get thru to then final. Youve got to tuff out the wins man a win is a win, get thru worry about looking good once youve got your hands on the trophy. I like their philosophy of let the other teams do the whingeing, especially the Australians OMG
  11. nik

    nik Guest

    Choke?? YES
    Why? Pressure and fear of losing.

    NZ feared they were about to lose the game in the 2nd half thats why they resorted to pick and goes, changing their style of play from the 1st half (hell from a style they have been accustomed to for the last 4 years). They did not have faith in their own attack.

    If they can overcome their fears then they can win tight games with an expansive style of play. Just like Fiji did, they had belief in their attack, thats why they so successful in the RWC.

    I think a lot blame can be put on the coaches. Not just because of the rotation policy or reconditioning but because as experienced coaches they should have realized that the style of play will not win tight games. I don't want to see the ABs kicking for drop goals every time they get to the opposition half or kick for territory every time. I like to see them run with the ball, spread it out wide, but there needs to control of the pill, not just randomly offload the ball.
    I have never seen the ABs making so many handling errors in a season. Yes the players may have liked playing that way but as coaches they have should have ensured that the style of play was in a controlled fashion and this is where the coaches got it wrong.
  12. I would say they did choke in this world cup, the last 3 or 4 times they have played the French they have scored atleast 42 points?. They were 13-0 up and should have shut the game down instead gave away a couple of penalties and a joke of a sinbin call and the game was turned on its head. They just seemed to lack leadership and a gameplan in the second half, France arent a particularily good team the All Blacks are a helluva lot better but they didnt get it done on the day. So i would say they choked.
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