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To Spam or Not To Spam


An Tarbh

that is indeed the question,

so I sign up to TRF with one goal in mind, access to the gaming forum, the fountain of knowledge that is rugby but in sooth access is denied me so one must in all good faith contribute to these strange and wondrous fora that discuss the real life brutish sport. Now I ask myself why should I be concerned with the mere trivial matters of real life when I can get real satisfaction out of a games console, a wondrous invention that has not in any facilitated the laziness that pervades modern society.

So I ask myself, I have to ask myself since there is no game on the play station that tells me how to get access to the gaming fora on TRF, how indeed do I access these wondrous fora and in old fashioned cartoon style the light bulb flashes above my cranium et voila there it is... Spam, one can clutter up the place with all sorts of splendid nonsense, why contribute to the topic when a simple I think that's cool, or nice or hello will suffice, yes that'll do, if I want to discuss matter of a rugby nature then I will do so in an environment where I can manipulate it with a control pad, not be on the edge of my seat with hipflask in hand as I witness an enthralling encounter live and in the flesh

However a bolt of lightening strikes my cranium and I see the light, the thrill of real competition, of not being in control of what is happening, of being taken along on a whirlwind of excitement as I watch in the flesh this game that is rugby union, never mind league I've not had that epiphany yet (that's for you dan ;) ) and in one fell swoop my control pad is tossed aside as some self opinionated, in love with the sound of his own voice, pundit brings his opinions on the real thing and by god this stuff is addictive and so to hell with the spam, to hell with the console, it's the real thing from here on in, no more quick one liners, just pure, emotional, banter on this game that is rugby where men from one land sing songs of fields from another that spur on their team

Why have simulated when you can have the real thing...
Well preach I shall, preach I shall for back in the day of the Commodore 64, a quality piece of computing technology we managed to load our tape and play our games but then God saw fit to cut the power, and cut it he did, so where did we go for our fix of sports based entertainment but Lansdowne Road as the man from Arabia came forth with 2 tickets against a team called Australia who contained a player called Campese and from that day forth, having witnessed his skills it was the real deal all the way. So in the footsteps of the one they called Campese came a man called Geoghegan, who was even more mighty as he wore the same jersey as the men of Ireland, even though the brother was not from these lands, he sacrifced personal glory for the men in Green and he showed us the true way and so it continued and so it has been and so it shall be forever more...
Testify brother! Testify!

(You'll have to consider a trip to Millennium Magic)


You need to go on tour with this gentleman and defeat the enemy!!!! I said, Shamonow!! Can you feel it bruuuutha?! Aha! Woooooooeeeeeeeoooooo!
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