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******** to the poofball, Who's going to adopt Billy?

It's been 4 long years in the making, but the World Cup is finally upon us again! Le Coup du Monde has been on everybody's lips for the past few months, and how World rugby has changed since the last time we all got together!

The World Champions, England have become a highly unpredictable side, even to their own coaching staff, since the glory days of 2003. Sinking to their lowest possible point during the 2006 Autumn test series, but huge victories against France and Wales compared to crushing defeats twice each to South Africa and France shows how nobody knows what England team they will face. If it does click for them, as one should never do, don't write the Champions off!

Hosts France have been steadily building up over the past 4 years and appear to have peaked at the right time to attack the tournament with all guns blazing. With Home advantage the French have always been a tough side to beat, so combine this fact with the one and the x-factor of CHABAL! and woe betide any who dare stand in the path of the warriors from Gaul!

2003 finalists Australia are unlikely to lay down for anyone, spurred on by their recent Tri-Nations victory against the All Blacks and a thumping of Wales during the summer, the Wallabies look to be coming good when it really counts. 4 years of hurt means Mortlock and co will be looking to right the wrongs from Sydney and they have more then enough firepower to do so.

South Africa sky rocketed up the world rankings this year with 2 successive record breaking victories over World Champions England during the Summer, the forwards looking strong enough to out-maul a heard of elephants while the likes of Habana showing enough pace and flair to skip and dance around any defence. Beware the loose pass against the Bokke, you will get punished for it.

Ireland will be looking to end their recent slump and reclaim the form which has earned them 3 triple crown trophies in 4 years. Boasting such talent as Paul O'Connell, Gordon D'Arcey, Ronan O'Gara and of course arguably the best player of his generation, Brian O'Driscoll, Ireland have more then enough combined talent and experience to handle anything thrown at them. One to watch.

Many will be saying Wales don't know if they're on their arse or their elbows at the moment, but forget what those idiots may say - Wales are still one of the toughest and most talented teams in the world. Retaining many players from the Grand Slam winning side of 2005 and with an additional bit of luck, Wales cause well cause a few surprises on their way to bringing Billy back to the Land of our Fathers.

And of course, who can forget about the All Blacks. Easily the worlds best side for the past 4 years, Graham Hendry has created what could almost be described as a masterpiece. Able to score against anyone on a whim, the All Black have won everything there is to win in recent years; Tri-Nations Grand Slams, a Grand Slam tour of the home nations and a record breaking winning streak. A Herculean effort will be required from anyone expecting to topple the mighty Maoris, so rightly so the world is expecting France and Billy to be painted Black (no apologies to the Rolling Stones).

With all these potential winners amongst the pecking order, plus rising world powers such as Argentina and Italy looking to make their mark, this is shaping up to be the best world cup ever... And it all begins today!

On TRF, we will be having live match discussion in the chat room for each game which you are welcome to join in, simply click here and sign in to voice what you have to say, or alternatively check out the 2007 World Cup forum by clicking here.

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It's Like Christmas drizzled with a birthday, sprinkled with St. Pat's with a side helping of New Years Eve!

WOOOOOOOOOOOO! It's time to ditch whatever else you pretend is your life for the last 4 years and come home to non-stop rugby madness!!!!!

I can't wait!!

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