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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by locksley, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. locksley

    locksley Guest

    Hello All

    Firstly, let me say that I'm sorry I haven't posted on here for the past few days. Things have been going on behind the scenes, and I needed to clear a few things up.

    Anyway, I had an email from Trev at Swordfish Studios the other day asking if we'd like to come down to their studios and spend some time testing RC2006. Naturally, I jumped at the chance, and Knowsleyroader came along for the ride. What an amazing day!

    First up, It was such a pleasure to meet Trev in person, he is, without doubt, one of the friendliest, most down to earth blokes I've met. He is a gaming nut (He'll tell you that himself) and that comes across in his infectious personality. He set up a HUGE tv + a PS2 for me and knowsley with a copy of RC2006 to play as long as we liked. In return, he asked for feedback and ideas we had for improvements. So we sat down, and for approximately 4-5 hours, we played RC2006.

    Before I give my frank and honest opinions about it, let me say that Trev encouraged me and Knowsley to be brutally honest. If we thought it was crap, say so. If there’s something we don’t like, tell them. So with that in mind, we picked up our pads…. 5 hours later we were convinced that Swordfish Studios had struck Gold with RC2006. 

    The game is, in short, absolutely awesome. I really mean it! It has the slickness of WCR, the depth of Rugby 2005 and the control of Jonah Lomu Rugby. This is the game that WCR should’ve been. When you first see the game, you’d swear that it IS WCR, but play it and you’ll see all the changes are under the hood. The gameplay has improved 1000%. There are much more ways to vary your attack. Pass out wide, little chips over the top, grubbers, bombs etc they’re all there, but the forward play really does come into it’s own in RC2006.

    I did tell Trev that I stopped playing WCR after a couple of days because it was too shallow and easy. Way to attack orientated and bad on defence etc, plus the forwards were too slow and pretty much useless. This is DEFINITELY not the case with RC2006. The forwards are brilliant in this. You can bust up the middle with them, fend etc etc, but the way these blokes can offload under certain situations is amazing. The game really has taken WCR and shook it up to get rid of all the bad stuff and added a whole bunch of good stuff.

    Ok, I’ll list the points I think that have improved over WCR and makes this game the greatest Rugby game created. Yes, I mean that truthfully, RC2006 is the BEST rugby game by a LONG LONG way.


    They’re well balanced now in RC2006. Hit the sprint button at the right time and they’ll slightly bust through, giving you enough time to get an offload in, or a bit of space to break away and put a pass in. Thanks to the improvements in this department, play can now take place effectively up the middle of the field.


    Just as quick, just as slick and with a longer sprint than the forwards. They’re really mobile in this game, sidestepping, sprinting and fending their way up field. Backs can no longer “Big hit†forwards, they just end up on their arse in a heap. Fantastic.


    Ingenious. Same system as WCR, but much more well balanced. Obviously, the team taking the ball in will have an advantage, but you CAN see when a turnover is about to take place and it’s NEVER unfair. (Unlike Englands rucking abilities in WCR)


    Another superb tweak from WCR. If you just run into the ball carrier head on, you’ll start a maul. The system they use is brilliant. When the maul forms, a circle appears above the heads with a coloured strip on one side. A beam of light then goes around the circle. You have to push X to stop the light when it hits the coloured strip. If you miss, the thing goes slower and you lose control of the maul, hit it on the the coloured part in succession and you can gain LOTS of hard yards up field. Hard to explain, but easy, and very well thought out system.


    See mauls


    Same as WCR. I liked them, Knowsley wasn’t too keen.


    Absolutely Brilliant. Similar to WCR but many subtle tweaks make it much much better to play. Not so one dimensional now. Make breaks with backs, play up the middle for hard yards, make quick pick ups from rucks mauls & scrums. The sprint meter is great. Much more effective in RC2006 than WCR. If you use it right, to make a dash for the gap it really works. Fantastic..


    Same as WCR, (No bad thing at all) but tweaked to make it better. Smooth bullet passes, miss passes etc are all incredibly animated and feel “rightâ€


    Again, same as WCR, but subtly tweaked. Wingers are not 200 mph when they chase grubbers now, they’re still quick, but much more realistically so. Punts now have a lower trajectory and can be popped over the full backs head for a great touchfinder, rather than just having the fullback return it EVERY SINGLE TIME as in WCR. Bombs are perfect too. Inch perfect. Drop Goals are the same as WCR, but, once again, tweaked to make them better.


    Much improved from WCR. 4 different types of tackles.
    • Run into the player (Starts Maul)
    • X button (Dive tackle)
    • SQUARE button (Low Block tackle)
    • CIRCLE button (Big Hit)

    Tackling is 100% more responsive AND effective than in WCR. The big hit button does NOT always make the ball carrier drop the ball, and Forwards will brush off a big hit from a back. Brilliant There are many many more animations in the tackling dept and they’re ALL great.


    Best Goal kicking system I’ve seen implemented in a rugby game so far. Done in 3 stages.
    • Choose where to kick
    • Set your power
    • Stop the light in the middle to kick

    The more power you put on, the faster the icon moves that you have to stop. Very good system. Especially when you end up taking the wind into account. Really satisfying when you nail a touchline conversion

    There’s so much more I can say about RC2006, but I’d be up all night. I’ve no doubt that Knowsleyroader will post his thoughts on here too. Remember tho, Knowlsey HATED WCR, so the fact that he LOVES rc2006 should speak volumes.

    Ok, there’s plenty more, like the vast amount of licenses aquired by Swordfish this time round. Off the top of my head I can think of fully licensed teams such as, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland etc, plus all the Northern Hemisphere clubs, celtic and Italian leagues. Also, Murrayfield, Lansdowne Road, Twickenham, Millenium stadium& many more.

    There are also a VAST amount of options and tournaments this time round, again, off the top of my head I can think of:

    • Career Mode
    • Friendlies
    • Cups
    • Leagues
    • World Cup
    • Custom cups
    • Custom Leagues
    • Training
    • 6 Nations
    • Tri Nations
    • Top 14
    • Classic matches (Trev played one of these. Old game in Black and white with old kits etc. Excellent effects, and well thought out)
    • Hot Potato
    • Try Survival
    • Challenge mode

    I know that there are so many more tournaments etc, but I really can’t think of them all.

    As you’ll no doubt have noticed, I haven’t commented on Graphics or sound (Both of which are excellent) but rather the gameplay, as this is the most important factor for me in a rugby game.

    There were one or two points which we weren’t entirely happy with, such as the tryline defence which is very easy to score against when you’re right on the line. Between us, me and Knowsley came up with a very simple solution to remedy this, and Andy the programmer is going to try to get it in for the final version. Also, there’s no manual jumping. After Trev and Andy explained the reason why, it’s pretty easy to understand. However, after a few minutes play, the need or want of a jump button doesn’t occur. No gameplay is lost through NOT having a jump button.

    So there you have it, RC2006 is a brilliant game that deserves success. I just hope that all you WCR haters out there actually play this rather than look at it. Yes, it does look almost the same as WCR, I even thought that myself and told Trevor. But when you actually sit down and play the game, you’ll realize that RC2006 kicks WCR (And all other rugby games) well into touch.

    So, if you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them for you. Please try to refrain from asking questions about team ratings, and players in squads etc, cos I couldn’t tell you. To be honest, I wasn’t interested in any of that, I just wanted to see how it played, and I wasn’t disappointed.

    Once again, many thanks to Trevor and the team at Swordfish for inviting us to play this. We had a FANTASTIC day and it was great to meet you all. Hell, we even got a baguette, crisps and drinks from Kerry, Trev's PA.... Now she's a LOVELY lady [​IMG]


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  3. lionmaul

    lionmaul Guest

    I know there is no manual jumping but is there a jump animation that is automatic, sort of like Eas original rugby game?

    Rucks, is there a sense of control, a sense of urgency and a feeling you can really make a turnover if you try hard at the ruck?

    Thanks locks, once again you are here with the great coverage.
  4. locksley

    locksley Guest

    Answers to your questions.

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
  5. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Try Survival and Hot Potato - Are those like Party Games which to play with mates so to speak?

    and in the Leagues and Cups - are there any Southern Hemisphere Comps - Generic or Otherwise?
  6. thanks locks

    after the heartbreak of many rugby titles..well all of them,im not as keen and happy as last time..but i am diffinetly purchasing this one to see for myself

    thanks for the info

    the greatest aspect OF ALL RUGBY SPORTING TITLES in the past is the muti player game..and by the sounds this is gonna be a thriller
    ..was this review based around single player mostly?..or did you and knows play together/vs through out?...

    and whats the commentry like?

    the gameplay is sounding fantastic not jumping in the air as did when i heard the release of previous titles..but ill see when it comes out
  7. locksley

    locksley Guest

    the greatest aspect OF ALL RUGBY SPORTING TITLES in the past is the muti player game..and by the sounds this is gonna be a thriller
    ..was this review based around single player mostly?..or did you and knows play together/vs through out?...

    We played plenty of both types. Multiplayer and games v AI. Both are extremely good, but Multiplayer ALWAYS shades it for me. [​IMG]

    and whats the commentry like?

    To be honest, it wasn't on. But I'm glad in a way, cos John Inverdale bores me rigid.
  8. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    ok we need when this is slated for asia release

    I will trade in rugby 2005 for this - by that test review

    i liked WCR.......didnt love it, didnt hate it............didnt mind it

    sounds like all the gripes are fixed

    BLIC now this - Can swordfish put a foot wrong??
  9. Nice one, Lox -- many thanks!
  10. esoj

    esoj Guest

    thanks locksley that was great to read. Also many thanks to Trev and the team at swordfish for allowing this to happen
  11. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    It's a shame Los is missing out on this one. God I hope he doesn't halve their sales.
  12. he can even afford the game coz his talk is cheap..hes gonna buy it,play it and everything nice hes sayz about the game..the more shinier trev and locks ass is gonna be..coz hes gonna kissing as long as he plays it

    the broke *******..he should be greatful people like trev even come here...
  13. im assuming that top 14 = super14...

    care to explain hot potato, try survial
    im assuming challenge mode is play untill you lose? like in arcade games?

    do you know what would be cool though, 7s. and even better, what no-ones thought of, FORCEBACK!!! lol

    and you say that the backs cant big hit fowards - on defence, is it obvious that you have a back/foward? do all the backs stay way out? cause i could imagin getting a back near the ruck, and not having enough time to find out that it is a back, and then getting flattened by a foward...
  14. now now we havent even played or seen the game

    lets talk about this one and leave the future additions to next years title lol....

    i just wanna play a decent rugby game before i can think of what add ons there shud be
  15. umosay

    umosay Guest

    Top 14 = French comp
  16. locksley

    locksley Guest

    care to explain hot potato, try survial
    im assuming challenge mode is play untill you lose? like in arcade games?

    I couldn't really tell you to be honest, we didn't try them. But, I'd say by the sounds of it you can't keep hold of the ball for very long in hot potato. Challenge mode is the section with Classic matches etc.

    and you say that the backs cant big hit fowards - on defence, is it obvious that you have a back/foward? do all the backs stay way out? cause i could imagin getting a back near the ruck, and not having enough time to find out that it is a back, and then getting flattened by a foward...

    This is the most improved section of RC2006. You really CAN tell the difference this time round. Forwards are quicker than their WCR counterparts and really do play a big part in RC2006. The backs are much easier to handle to. You can also make a run with the fly half, across the line then hit the sprint button to whizz through a gap. It's an amazing feeling when you get that right.

    Bottom line is this, in RC2006 you feel in control at ALL times. Attack, defence, rucks, mauls etc etc. Also, it's the only rugby game where you can time your interceptions to perfection and pick the ball from the air yourself, rather than having the AI do it for you.

    Another point of note is the Offloading system. Swordfish have nailed it. Rather than have the game unbalanced and allow offloads every single time like JLR, or, even worse, have none at all, the offloading system in RC2006 is a joy and a pleasure. If you run it in with a forward and get tackled, sometimes the forward will turn to face his own line and look to offload. Very dangerous in the wrong situation. Easy to throw the ball to ground or have it turned over. Do it in the right situation though and you're laughing. It's worth noting that the offload animations are unbelievable. One handed slip-pass offloads etc. It's a fantastic feeling when you've big hit hard andlifted off the ground, only to slip a pass to your fly half who exploits the gap left by the defender still completing the tackle.

    By the way, Ask Trev how he got on when Knowsleyroader played him. [​IMG] A sudden death extra time thriller
  17. disco123

    disco123 Guest

    Locks, does that also mean you can track back with your flankers to make a try saving tackle in the corner or are the backs just too quick for this ?

    Also did you notice a Lions tour mode ?

  18. locksley

    locksley Guest

    Yes, you can track back. Even if there's a break on, you still feel that you could stop the attacker. There are PLENTY of tryline try saving tackles.

    As for a Lions tour, I'm sure it's in there.
  19. disco123

    disco123 Guest

    Excellent , did you get any info on minor details like penalties , playing times for each half , red and yellow cards , fighting , camera shots of the crowds etc ?
  20. locksley

    locksley Guest

    There are penalties in RC2006, the system's pretty much well balanced.

    Playing times are 3,5,7,10 or 15 minute games. The clock goes up to 40 mins per half.

    Red and yellow cards, not too sure about. Didn't see any at all during all our matches.

    Fighting - No

    Camera Shots of the crowd - Nope, didn't see any. The crowds are pretty good tho.
  21. nik

    nik Guest

    is there super12 in the game?
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