Todd Carney you idiot

Discussion in 'NRL / Southern Hemisphere' started by Hamster, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Hamster

    Hamster Guest

    LOL. You gotta love this guy.
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  3. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

  4. candybum

    candybum Guest


    Ooouch... clearly its been blown out of proportion :rolleyes: ... or maybe he should put down the beers
  5. A half back, eh...?
  6. It doesnt surprise me he wont get fired though he is too important to lose no matter what the wowsers say.
  7. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    pfft he is fine - its all dimissed

    carney did spray tilse mate.......................but it was an accident

    he was so wasted forgot to straighten it out, and it went 90 degrees, and he didnt realise for a good few seconds - tilses buddy is copping it on the leg

    some witness inside toilet went and told people - 'funniest sh*t ever' kind of story

    bronx goodwin then bashes 2 dudes for no reason

    people start to dislike carney for his behaviour and his association with the bronx

    someone tells cops carney was ******* on some dude

    cops then question carney - he doesnt recall it,

    tilse mate gets questioned and he says, yeah but it was an accident he was so wasted, he didnt aim straight

    carney now suspended from club because he was on the turps soo hard

    NEXT STORY...IRWIN LIED TO POLICE TO SAVE CARNEY FROM JAIL IN 2007!!!,8659,2...5-23214,00.html

    u see - news limited have failed in getting carney in the sh*t with nintendo wii

    so then they get desparate, and go digging more, and go find the 'other guy' in the carney scandal of 2007 - LAST YEAR

    oh look what irwin says - what a surprise

    its known in the greehouse this guy irwin has had sour grapes with raiders HQ since we sacked him, and he never got another contract so his career was over by 23yrsold

    its poor form from the media - they got defeated just accept it
    its poor form from irwin - he got sacked just accept it

    so they both team up against the raiders to derail their focus - a form of payback - what a low life tall poppy syndrome society we live in

    u dont find this story on do ya???

    telecrap, fox, news limited - are just the taking the **** = raiders vandetta

    the raiders have 1 blemish in Bronx Goodwin and the Sydney media go crazy – perhaps because the raiders fanbase hijacked a poll on a few weeks ago???

    i know teh mite provided a canberra time link above

    but the whole story came from news ltd

    its poor journalism at its best they have been derailing NRL down here all year....
  8. Josh_WA

    Josh_WA Guest

    Either way he is still a idiot. I mean lots of people go on the turps alot, most of them dont end up in police investigations or getting in car chases. He obviously has a problem and perhaps the club should divert some of his stupidly salary into some kind of rehab program for him.

    If he was to switch to harder drugs he could be a star for West Coast Eagles !
  9. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    he is an idiot i agree
    but this is a media beat-up
    heck bronx is on 2 counts of assault and summons to court - yet carney is still all over the news - after he was cleared - its just pathetic
    tall poppy syndrome
  10. melon

    melon Guest

    He has had his Raider's contract torn up and the NRL have deregistered him and won't re-register him as a player again until the 2010 the earliest!


    Goodluck to him if he goes to overseas though, I seriously hope he starts to play to his potential and then come back to Australia and shake it up!
  11. Anyone stupid enough to continually put himself in the way of the media like that who are obviously going to portray him in a negative way deserves to be dropped.
  12. tiburon

    tiburon Guest

    Sad, just like Tim Smith.
  13. mahz

    mahz Guest

    gutted. he was quite good. wonder hu will piick him up! :rolleyes:
  14. melon

    melon Guest

    Nothing like Tim Smith at all.

    They may have both stuffed up but Carney stuffed up more.

    Carney went a step further and wouldn't admit he had a problem and thought he was bigger than the club.

    Carney's contract was ripped up infront of him and he was deregistered from the NRL.
    Smith and the Eels mutually decided to part because they knew it was for the best and more things may have occurred had Smith not had some time off to learn how to cope with himself (bipolar disorder) as well as drinking. Smith had his time out and then went and looked for new surroundings in England which by all accounts has been a success.

    Carney is still yet to accept responsibility for his actions and realise what a monumental f***up he is. In saying that though, I really do hope he takes a leaf out of Tim Smith's page.

    One day I hope to see them return to the NRL...Carney because I want to see him play at his full potential...Smith because I want to see him back playing like he was a few years ago.
  15. abbaskip_e

    abbaskip_e Guest

    Just a typical brainless meat head..Grew up getting away with everything because he was good at sport...

    I hate these excuses people make "It's because the spotlight is always on them"...What a load of bullocks! If that was the case, wouldn't all of the NRL be doing the same thing?

    And when was the last time you heard Brad Pitt peed on someone outside a bar?
  16. QLD

    QLD Guest

    I heard Tim Smith hasnt been playing well at all in England Melon...

    Dont think the Raiders need him anymore after todays 74-12 drubbing! David Campeses nephew scoring 4 tries and a shitload of points!
  17. melon

    melon Guest

    Oh well regardless, atleast Smith has his personal life relatively in check and trouble free. That's something that will take Carney a while to work out. Maybe if picked up by and english club, Carney will have it all bashed out of him by a gang of chavs :bana: .
  18. tiburon

    tiburon Guest

    Similar to Tim Smith in that he has so much potential and looked destined for greater things at such an early age but threw it all away. Granted Smith appears to be taking some steps forward to getting back to his previous self and hopefully both can sort out problems they have because they both have too much talent to just throw away.
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