Tom petty R.I.P.

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    The great Tom Petty suffered a cardiac arrest yesterday and has passed away.

    I grew up with his music in my house and I saw him twice, once in the early 1980's at the Logan Campbell centre and later in the early 90's at Mt Smart Stadium when he toured with Dylan.

    The heartbreakers were an awesome band and I'll be sure to listen to 'American Girl', Breakdown', 'Luna', 'Don't Do Me like That', 'Free Fallin', 'Refugee', 'Even the Losers...' , 'Ballad of Mary Jane' , 'Stop Draggin' My Heart Around' (with Stevie Nicks) , 'Change of Heart' and others later tonight and raise a glass to one odf the key sounds of the musical background in my upbringing.

    God Bless You Tom Petty.
    A down to earth, unpretentious old school rock star who kept a low profile in the media, had his struggles with depression and heroin addiction and worked for the homeless charities.
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