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Tomb Raider: Legend



Just finished the game and i loved it, only problem was that it took less than a day to fnish it (just the main story not all the rewards and stuff) i played on medium as the difference between medium and hard was just the difficutly of the things you shoot. i think it was just more of them.

graphics were good and alot of fun. the puzzles were okish, i didnt really have any problems with any of them.

i recomend it for a hire, thats about it
Had heard it was good, just a bit on the short side. Was toying with the idea of getting it, think I will have a look now, cheers :)
I enjoyed it and agree that the main story mode was far too short. However, completing all the sub missions (all the awards and the time trial), plus dicking about in the mansion does increase the longtivity.
yeah i dont know if i can be bothered doing that, maybe

the levels were massive though and there seamed to be no slow down of anything. and loading between levels didnt take long either that may have contributed to it being a short game
Its a shame, the old games lasted for ages. This sounds like a huge dissapointment. Especially considering that they seem to have recaptured what made the orignial fun. A days play is just not acceptable.

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