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Tony Hawk - American Wasteland



Anyone played it? i hired it out last night and it was pretty decent. pretty free flowing, so far it looks pretty linear though but some of the tricks you can do are wicked, so many tricks to remember. i am not going to remember them all.

just wondering if anyone has had a blast at it
and what you guys think of it
i havent played it, but im looking foward to it. there a good series of games - the hawk series.

how many more moves are there compared to the previous ones?
I considered getting it, as looks like a big improvement over previous editions, and the last one I played would've been Tony Hawks 2. But then I looked at how much I'll probably be spending on games already over the next month and decided against it..
..Rugby League 2 (already paid for ages ago though) [$100]
..Need for Speed Most Wanted [$100]
..Rugby Challenge 2006 [$100]
..(possibly) Battlefield Modern Combat [$100]

That's already $400.

SOCOM 3 was also meant to be coming out now, but now it's been delayed until next year, when I won't have broadband so I'm giving that a miss.
there are quite a few moves, dont know if any of htem are new moves or not as i havn't played all the series. i missed out 4 and the first one. but played 2 and 3 quite a bit. though i didn't really know what i was doing then.

its quite fun with the little missions, but its in the style of gta, if you dont want to do the missions go around and do tricks (for nothing i might add) but its good for practice. in gta if you didn't wnat to do missions just go around gunning people down, you cant do that in this, except smacking people over with your skateboard. that is fun though
I hired it out. Not as good as I was expecting. It's all very linear. It has the same sort of levels but all opf them are connected up via tunnels and narrow walkways etc. So it's not the openended GTA style that they made it out to be.

Still fun. Not worth a purchase as it can be clocked in an overnight hire or two. 7/10
I watched the video review from gamespot & they have slated it. I for one are not getting it. I was disappointed by the last game. I much preferred 'tony hawks underground 1' on the xbox.

They seem to be downgrading their games instead of improving them.
It's definitely better than THUG2.

You're right though, I think it's time Neversoft thought about hanging up their Tony Hawk boots. Has anyone played Gun yet?
Originally posted by .:kaftka:.@Nov 18 2005, 08:18 AM
It's definitely better than THUG2.

You're right though, I think it's time Neversoft thought about hanging up their Tony Hawk boots. Has anyone played Gun yet?
Nope, but that another game that has been slated. I looked at a few gameplay clips & it looks crap.
i have been playing tony hawk for a few days now...

i like it, i dont' know what it is but i just can't stop playing it i hate that. it might be the fact that my internet at home isn't on and i have no other games bar fifa on my xbox that i am into at the moment, but i am having lots of fun with it.

still i am waiting for league
This game could have been amazing. It promised so much, yet it fell short. The concept is good, however I don't think there should be tunnels to each place. To linear. And not enough freedom.

Simply take the Skate Park concept from this game and go around LA or where ever to get new parts. Attract people witt a good skate park, show off moves you have learnt and open a skate company. This would have been the way to go about it. Opening up areas to new levels is creative but you shouldn't have to complete a number of missions in the area, just open up say one road block. No tunnels would make it more free-flowing.

All in all a great game becomes an average game.

This is marginally worse than Underground 1 and 2.
Wow, big call from me at about 1/4 completion.

Actually as the game progresses it becomes better. I like the Skate Ranch thing, the shops like a create a skater, and graffiti graphics, create tricks etc.

I think the goals are far more interactive on this game and you get more from them than other games. It is still linear, but after completion it doesn't seem quite so much this way. Tunnels are still annoying but hey! Let's hope they make the next one much better.

One thing they left out was driving cars or secret vehicles. They need this to make the game more enjoyable and maybe you could actually drive yourself from place to place in the next game.

No loading scenes my arse! You just don't often notice it. When you create a graphic you toss your board around for few secs with a star in the top right corner. The 'loading' star also appears in the tunnels but always at brief intervals. They didn't get rid of loading scenes they just disguised them with tunnels!

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