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Tony Kemp

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he needs no introduction....

but ill give em the warm welcome...one of the most pathetic looking coaches new zealand has ever seen and produced

he coached the warriors last year with great results..results that saw him transfer his 'skills' to coach in rugby union..he is coachin some team in the north island as an assistant coach

he was on tv last nite being interviewed by ab great ian jones
being interviewed..he said rugby union "needs more league players"....
now that seems kinda stupid...he gets axed with no position given too him by the nzrl..goes to rugby and says this...which is an insult to both codes

league struggling to maintain its image as it is and union needing league players???...i hate em as a coach,he talks the talk but doesnt deliever anything..his displays of sending kevin campion and ivan cleary to do his halftime speeches while he goes and gels his hair was appauling and im glad he has nthing to do with kiwi league...but we have a problem and due to his whole swagger and 'i know everything about everything' mind state he may get higher up in the rugby grades..and he will diffinetly disrupt any sense of learning rugby to our players while he teaches them the new justin timberlake dance while showing off his line hair/gel products....

then...new zealand will have teams full of up themselves gavin hensons


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