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I see in the Northern hemisphere forum icon that it shows the Top 14 logo, but I don't see the dedicated forum to it, only current league standings. Could you please make this as I see there are plenty of BO and Stade Français fans here.

Also, if you guys need new icons for teams I can help you out no problem. I have all the updated stuff and it looks like you could make a few changes. Your BO logo is three generations old now. lol

Stade Français also changed logos due to winning their 13th league ***le.
Sorry for the double post here, but apparently I can't re-edit my previous post.

Here are some logos/crests for example.

<div align="center">
Thanks, Ikvat!

What am I doing in the states? Or do you mean, what do I do for a living? I'll just answer both then. I was born and raised in the States, but plan to live in Europe in a few years. My occupation is sales associate and college student.

Anyway, anyone going to respond about my original post? Thanks!
Been there for a week now, needed something to do in work, so thought why not?

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