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Top Gear


An Tarbh

The new series is about to get under way now on BBC2, apparently they're going to show the footage of Hamsters crash.
All I can say is WOW!!! f***ing hell he is lucky to be alive, all I say is whoever designed that car deserves a medal... and Well the Hamster is the fastest man in Britain... although it aint official...
It was a hell of a crash, and the build up was brilliant, but the crash was kind of an anti-climax in the end, i thought.
I much more enjoyed the article about the Jaguar XKR. Lovely car.
I think they did it brilliantly, plus the bit with the roadworks was class, especially when they threw the megaphone under the roller.

But the bit with the crash was excellently done, I was actually thinking, are they really going to show this, didn't realise he actually had a sucessful attempt but it was definitely one of those jaw dropping moments.

Just a shame the gimp who owned the car came out the next day and started mouthing off at the Hamster.

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